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June 18, 2019 |

‘Duende’ is the word that describes the mysterious power of art to deeply move a person. There is something soothing about visiting art exhibitions. The entire ambience has way of propelling your imagination like you wouldn’t have experienced before.

The Art Beyond Belief Exhibition was organized in the second week of June. Nariman Point is one of the busiest places in South Mumbai. Being the hub of the business world, one wouldn’t go a second without seeing someone dressed in a blazer or carrying a briefcase. But amid this hustle bustle, the Bajaj Art Gallery remains a highly vibrant art spot, almost untouched by the chaos this city offers, thus making it the perfect spot for the exhibition.

The exhibition was a week-long colorful affair with 45 paintings and a live painting segment where one could see two MFPA foot artists create new masterpieces every day.

There were three sections of paintings – original works, limited editions and reprinted versions of the originals, which spanned across the entire hall, covering about five extensive walls. The viewers soon didn’t have enough eyes to follow the ethereal paintings filled with bright colors and interesting hues which brought those unique compositions to life. Many first time viewers were also impressed by the sheer imagination and quality of the paintings and couldn’t believe that they were created with mouth and feet.

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Although most paintings fit into the broad themes, there were also those that did not fit in any of the themes but managed to hold their own. They say art is everywhere you look for it, and the MFPA artists are no exception to this norm. The way artists view the world, the way they create unique renditions of it is so beyond the capacity of our normal one-track mind.

These mouth and foot artists too create masterpieces so idyllic, that the human language runs out of words to describe them.

The center of the room seemed like a scene right out of the streets of New York. Bandenawaz Nadaf and Nadeem Shaikh, two artists sat there creating spectacular artworks from their feet like it was the easiest thing to do. They had interesting anecdotes from their life which they shared with visitors who had the time to stay and chat.

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Their journey has been utterly colorful and magnificent and if you look closely it has only one takeaway – No form of disability is an insurmountable obstacle for anyone to achieve happiness.

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