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Sudam Bisoyi

Born on 20 March 1990 in Odisha, Sudam Bisoyi is an Indian Navy Veteran. In 2010, he had an accident while on active duty that left him in a quadriplegic condition. Sudam is currently staying at the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre in Pune. Sudam’s first exposure to mouth painting was in 2015 and it really made an impression on him.  Painting with his mouth has given him a sense of freedom that he otherwise can’t experience. He trained under the MFPA artist Manoj Bhingare and joined MFPA as a member in 2020. He has a strong base in acrylic medium and paints on themes like landscapes, flowers and still life. 

Bhim Kumar Karki

Born on 8 July 1992 in Manipur, Bhim Kumar Karki is an Indian Army Veteran. It was in 2012, he had an accident while on active duty that left him in a quadriplegic condition. He is staying at the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre in Pune. Bhim tried mouth painting for the first time in 2016 and he says it has given him purpose to move on and live with a new passion. He trained under the directions of MFPA artist Manoj Bhingare. Bhim joined MFPA as a member in 2020 and is currently exploring the acrylic medium. He works with themes like landscapes, animals and birds, flowers and abstract.

Prashant Vasant Kamble

Prashant Vasant Kamble was born on 5 July 1990 in Karnataka. He was an Indian Army Soldier before his accident. During active duty in 2014, Prashant was involved in an accident leading to a spinal cord injury which resulted him in a quadriplegic condition for life. Currently retired from service, he is confined to a wheelchair, staying at the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre in Pune. Prashant first tried to paint with his mouth in 2013, after which he never looked back. Now, he is confidently pursuing his newly found passion under the guidance of MFPA artist Manoj Bhingare. He joined MFPA as a member in 2020.

Joyal Biju

Born on 16 April 2004 in Kerala, Joyal Biju suffers from Muscular Dystrophy. As of now, he is unable to use both his hands and legs. Due to the seriousness of his condition, Joyal was not able to go to school after primary education and is getting homeschooled. He started painting with his mouth from 2017 under the guidance of his art teacher K Ramachandran Thayannur.

Dhiraj Sathvilkar

Dhiraj Sathvilkar was born on 17 December 1993 without both upper limbs and a right lower limb. Born in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, Dhiraj started painting with his foot at the age of five. After finishing his intermediate education, he went on to graduate in law. 

Jagwinder Singh

Jagwinder Singh was born on 3 April 1991 in Punjab, without both his arms. He and his family had to struggle to get him admitted to a school. Questions about his inability to use hands became the motivation for him to use his feet for writing and other works. He was interested in drawing from his childhood, mostly influenced by his father who is a needleworker. Watching his father do embroidery was his first creative insight. After finishing his school he did a two-year diploma in art and craft.

Simon Rigg

Born on 1 March 1954 in Australia, Simon Rigg became a quadriplegic when he broke his neck after falling off a roof in the central Victorian town of Castlemaine in 1982. Before the fall, Simon was a landscape gardener and the superintendent of grounds at the Alexander Home and Hospital in Castlemaine. Simon visited MFPA member Bill Mooney, on his first trip out of the Austin Hospital in Melbourne, who encouraged him to try mouth painting.

Brenton Nicholas Swartz

Brenton Nicholas Swartz was born on 30 October 1978 in Cape Town. Since a gunshot accident, he is paralysed from the neck down. He spent eight months in hospital and was classified as a C4-C5 tetraplegic. He attended a school for the disabled. In 1998 he finished grade 12 and went to live in a home for tetraplegic people. In 1999 he enrolled at college and studied computer-aided drawing. One of his friends who painted asked him whether he wanted to try it. In 2001 he started taking art lessons. He joined VDMFK in 2009 as a Student Member. His aim in life is to lead an independent, normal and happy life.

Wayne Te Rangi

Born on 15 October 1970 in New Zealand, Wayne Te Rangi was injured in a freak work accident in 1985 which left him a tetraplegic. As part of his rehab, he enrolled in art classes at the Otara Spinal Unit in Auckland. There he quickly developed the skill of mouth-painting and went on to win many awards and scholarships.

Clênio Marcio Ventura

Clênio Marcio Ventura was born on 23 November 1969. The quadriplegic painter began painting with his mouth in 1999, using the technique of oil and acrylic on canvas, motivated by curiosity. Clênio is a self-taught painter. He became quadriplegic after a shallow water dive. Clênio has done several exhibitions and for him, painting is his life. He became a Scholarship Member of the International Association of Painters with Mouth and Foot in 2000. Clênio has participated in exhibitions at the National Museum of Argentina, Parapan in Rio de Janeiro and others.   

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