Rosa Mirta Paz

Rosa Mirta Paz was born on 24 March 1960 in Argentina. The mouth artist suffered an accident at the age of 13 that cost her the loss of her two arms. From that moment on she faced the great challenge of her life: start over. She had to learn to write with her mouth to finish elementary school and then learned to handle her feet to be independent in life.

Wolfgang Vrbica

Born on 27 May 1951, Wolfgang Vrbica moved to Argentina in 1952, where he attended primary school and two years of secondary school. From the age of fifteen to eighteen, he worked with a textile enterprise. In 1969, he had an accident at a stream, leading to complete paralysis. In three years, he had taught himself to paint with his mouth. Wolfgang Vrbica paints with oil, watercolour, tempera and mixed media. He has an individual style that is strongly influenced by Naïve art. Vrbica’s works are characterised by its strong use of colour and sometimes appear to be idyllic or fairytale landscapes.

María del Pilar Benitez Velozo

María del Pilar Benitez Velozo was born without her upper limbs on April 28, 1957, in General Paz, Corrientes. Moreover, one of her legs was irreversibly damaged. From childhood on, she learned how to use her feet to be more independent. At the age of five, she learned how to sew and knit, later she also learned how to weave and make small craft objects. Her love for the arts became obvious at a very young age and she was further motivated by the lessons she received in sixth grade. After that, she took up a correspondence course in drawing and oil painting. The works of María del Pilar Benitez Velozo are of remarkable technical quality. She paints different styles, but the use of light contrasts and numerous colours are the distinctive features of her work.

Alberto Alvarez

Born on 1 May 1959 in Mendoza, Alberto Alvarez suffers from physical paralysis due to cerebral palsy from birth. That is why already at the early age of sixteen he started painting with his mouth. His attempts were immediately crowned by success. One year later he organized his first exhibition and again it was only one year later that he received his first award, the A.L.P.I state prize, for his outstanding work. He taught himself how to paint with the mouth and has made rapid and considerable progress in the field of oil and painting. At a young age, he already had a great number of solo and group exhibitions through which his works became known to the public both in Argentina and internationally. He travels untiringly all over the world organizing exhibitions, giving demonstrations of his ability to paint and showing videos of painters without hands with great success.

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