Sarah Talbi

Sarah Talbi was born in Brussels on September 23, 1982. She came into the world without both her arms. Irrespective of the fact, She considers her difference a strength as it allowed her to create a world of possibilities: to start with, by making full use of her feet like hands, thanks to which she can write, drink, eat, study, work, draw … Simply live like everyone, independent. Sarah is a very adventurous person by nature. By travelling to places out of her comfort zone in her homeland and exploring the job market, she pursues everything that gives her a different task to challenge. Later when Sarah discovered her passion for drawing, she was thrilled. Her self-taught naïveté explores and discovers forms, perspective, shadows and colours. For professional pursuit, she took classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in St-Josse, and the monthly courses of Pierre Sentjens. Sarah joined VDMFK as a Scholarship Member in 2016.

Jacques Villeneuve

Jacques Villeneuve was born on 15 March 1958 in Belgium, with severe physical disabilities. He cannot use his arms and legs as it developed unequally. He started to paint with his mouth at the age of six and has constantly striven to further develop this skill. Jacques attended the City of Tienen Drawing Academy, where he completed the upper secondary course. He completed the final course in drawing and painting at the City of Leuven Academy. Jacques Villeneuve frequently chooses landscapes or figurative fantasies as motifs for his paintings. However, his main strength is his circus scenes painted like a mosaic in bright colours and characterized by convincing poetic expression.

Marthe-Angele Janssens

Marthe Angele Janssens was born tetraplegic. She was born on February 21, 1937,  in Heikruis. She nevertheless attended primary school, where she learnt to draw with a pen in her mouth. She became passionate about mouth painting and perfected her technique through in-home courses and private painting lessons. For ten years she studied under a well known Belgian sculptor. In 1967 she received a Scholarship from the Association and in 1971 she became a Full Member of the VDMFK. Her never-ending wish to educate herself enriches her life. She even took lessons in portraiture for several years.

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