Clênio Marcio Ventura

Clênio Marcio Ventura was born on 23 November 1969. The quadriplegic painter began painting with his mouth in 1999, using the technique of oil and acrylic on canvas, motivated by curiosity. Clênio is a self-taught painter. He became quadriplegic after a shallow water dive. Clênio has done several exhibitions and for him, painting is his life. He became a Scholarship Member of the International Association of Painters with Mouth and Foot in 2000. Clênio has participated in exhibitions at the National Museum of Argentina, Parapan in Rio de Janeiro and others.   

Marcelo da Cunha

Born in Rio de Janeiro on 13 September 1965, Marcelo was 21 when he hit his head and broke two vertebrae while diving under a waterfall. In December 1993 he watched a documentary on the Brazilian mouth painter Goncalo Borges. Marcelo was impressed by Goncalo Borges’s skills that he wanted to give mouth painting a try. In 2004 he received a Scholarship from AFMPA and later in 2011, he became an Associate Member. Marcelo’s favourite themes include the landscapes of his homeland and people. He predominantly paints in acrylic. The extremely talented artist has participated in several exhibitions and has also staged solo exhibitions.

Gonçal Pinto Borges

Gonçalo Aparecido Pinto Borges was born on 8 January 1952 in Novo Horizonte, with a deformity of the arms. He has had to perform various tasks with his feet and mouth from childhood, developing considerable skill in doing this. He received a scholarship from the Association at the age of 18, which made it possible for him to intensify the joy he experiences in painting. Gonçalo is an exemplary master in several techniques. He uses watercolour, Indian inks, acrylic and oil as well as the mosaic technique to create pictures that stand out for their striking, glowing colours.

Prof. Fernando Fernandes

Born on 29 October 1944 in Vitoria, due to complications at birth Professor Fernando Fernandes dos Reis was born with a dysfunction of his arms. From twelve to seventeen he worked as a street vendor. He then underwent in-patient treatment for his arms. In the hospital, he had the opportunity for the first time to learn how to paint with his feet. Fernandes dos Reis was also informed about the association. Only a short time later did the association grant him a Scholarship which enabled him to start studying art and making progress in this field. After art studies, he intensified his foot-painting activity.

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