Janice Penny Oman

Janice Penny Oman was born on 23 December 1955 in Sexsmith, Alberta. She was an active sportswoman until she had an accident in 1970, leaving her paralysed from the neck down. At the age of eleven, she moved to Edmonton in order to recover and pursue rehabilitation therapy. Years later, Janice Penny Oman began to paint with her mouth and submitted her work to the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. She was given a scholarship in 1978. The variety of her landscape painting derives from the motivation that the artist finds in the wonderful nature of her home country – the Rocky Mountains. Penny became an Associate Member of the Association in March 2000, which gave her the opportunity to express herself through her individual painting style.

Cody Tresierra

Cody Tresierra was born on 12 September 1960. At the age of nineteen, he was involved in a motor vehicle accident which he survived, however with major injuries, but left him paraplegic. During his hospital stay, he had already made his first attempt at painting as a part of his rehabilitation. It was there that he realized that painting was not only a form of therapy but something that gave him a sense of personal accomplishment. Therefore, he continued to devote himself to painting with his mouth and to art in general. Other than painting, music, films and sports are his other hobbies. In 1986 Cody Tresierra received a scholarship from the association. Ten years later he received Associate Membership status. In the year 2000, he became a Full Member of the AMFPA. Today he displays his works at numerous exhibitions mainly in his home province of British Columbia. He has also shown his paintings at several exhibitions sponsored by the association.

Theresa Helen Matthias

Born on 26 august 1962 in London, Theresa Helen Matthias was a thalidomide baby, and for this reason, she was born without arms and legs. Since her artistic talent was obvious at a very early age, she perfected her talent by taking art courses during her school education. Her parents who had always supported her gave her the opportunity to take private lessons for several years which promoted the further development of her mouth painting technique. In 1991, she was granted a stipend by the MFPA. She was therefore in the position to continue her artistic career and to intensify it. In 2000, she became an Associate Member of the MFPA.

Michel Guillemette

Michel Guillemette was born on 27 March 1947. At the age of nineteen, he who led a life like most teenagers had a diving accident where he broke his spinal column, leaving him a tetraplegic. After several years in a sanatorium, he learnt how to write with his mouth thanks to a rehabilitation programme. He also attempted mouth painting and became aware of his talent “which is going to enable me to live a more independent life”, as he emphasizes. From 1985-90, he took lessons with an art professor and improved his technique. In 1987 he received a Scholarship from the AMFPA.

Simona Atzori

Simona Atzori was born on 18 June 1974 in Milan, without her arms. She suffers from phocomelia. At the age of four, she started painting with her feet. At first, she taught herself, later to be discovered by painter and writer Mario Barzon, who subsequently supported her artistic development. In 1983 Simona received a scholarship from the association. In 1992 she took part in VDMFK exhibition at Palazzo Ruspoli in Rome. At a private audience with Pope John Paul II, the artist presented His Holiness with a portrait of His Holiness. In 2000 Simona became an Associate Member of the Association. In the meantime, the artist conducted exhibitions around Italian cities such as Florence, Rome and Milan as well as abroad. Simona Atzori is a ballet dancer, that to a very successful one.

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