Jie Yang

Jie Yang was born in Shanghai on 9 June 1971. In 1977, he had a high-voltage accident as a result of which he lost his right arm up to the shoulder and his left arm up to the elbow. In 1980, Jie Yang began drawing and painting with his mouth. As early as one year later, his work “Great Rooster” won him a silver prize in Japan. He started his school education in 1978 when he attended the Shanghai Children’s Welfare Institute. In 1986, he finished Junior School where he was also taught how to sketch. Subsequently, he taught himself how to paint with his mouth. From 1992 onwards, the mouth painter has been supported as a Scholarship Holder by the Association. Since 2011, he has been an Associate Member of AMFPA. Jie Yang paints using the watercolour technique. His favourite themes include animals and flowers. Jie Yang has participated in numerous exhibitions in his home country and the impressive execution of his artwork has won him prizes all over the world.

Yongchun Wang

Yongchun Wang was born on 8 September 1963 in Luxi. In the year 1982, he lost both his arms in an accident. Thus, by 1981 he began to write using his mouth and started to paint with his mouth in 1987. Yongchun’s painting style is strongly influenced by Naïve art. In 1991, Yongchun Wang became a VDMFK Scholarship Member, enabling him to attend the academy of calligraphy and painting in Xi’an, where he completed his studies in 1995. Yongchun Wang’s paintings express intensive energy and skill interwoven with strength and simplicity. His birds, flowers and insects seem to come alive in his paintings. He mainly paints in watercolour. Yongchun Wang has already won several prizes and awards in his home country and abroad.

Pei Fei Wen

Pei Fei Wen was born on June 1973 in Tainan City. A short time after her birth Pei Fei Wen suffered atrophy of her hands. She hasn’t been able to use her hands ever since. Since her early childhood, the artist was fond of painting. She tried painting holding the pencils with her foot and also carried out simple tasks with it. After primary education, she went to a technical college, where she studied fine arts. She began studying different painting techniques and learned traditional Chinese painting.

Jingsheng Liu

Born on November 30, 1952, in Beijing, Jingsheng Liu has always loved painting. In 1978, he suffered an electric accident at work. As a consequence both his arms had to be amputated. In order to start a new life, he dedicated himself to painting. In 1980, he returned to his former employer who hired him as a librarian in his company. Moreover, he started to paint with his mouth. In the beginning, Jingsheng Liu specialised in calligraphy. In 1985 he joined the Association of Calligraphy and Painting for the City of Beijing. In the course of the years, he started painting in soft aquarelle using the traditional Chinese painting style. In 1988, he received an AMFPA stipend. At the same time, he started studying at the University of Changchun. In 1992, he became an Associate Member of the association.

Changjiang Li

Born on 26 March 1963 in Hegang city, Changjiang Li has been interested in fine arts since childhood. At the age of eleven, he touched a live electric pylon which had fallen down during a storm due to which he lost both his arms and three toes of his left foot. From that time onwards he wrote, painted and photographed with his mouth to express his feelings and understanding of the world and was tireless in his pursuit of art.

Kun-Shan Hsieh

Born on 21 June 1958 in Taidong, Kun-Shan Hsieh grew up in poverty and had to support himself by working in a factory after leaving primary school. At the age of 16, he suffered a very serious electric shock in a work accident. The consequences of this were so severe that both hands and his lower right leg had to be amputated and he lost the sight of his right eye. Faced with these disabilities he taught himself to sketch and draw using his mouth over a period of seven years. In 1980 he learned the techniques of painting with a renowned Taiwanese painter. In 1990 he became a Full Member of the association. Since 2002 he has been a Member of the VDMFK Managing Board. His work has been influenced both by the impressionists and by the traditions of the Far East. His oil paintings are characterised by their rich variations in shade and colour and bear impressive testimony to his character that is both optimistic and full of humour.

Mei-Hui Chen

Mei Hui Chen was born on 20 August 1956 in Taiwan. When Mei Hui Chen was three years old she was given a blood transfusion due to a high fever and after a short while her hands were totally paralyzed. She began to do things with her feet, learned how to write and paint, which was very painful at first. Nevertheless, she made considerable progress and in 1988 she was granted a scholarship by the Association. In 1994, she became an Associate Member and in the year 2000, she was granted Full Membership of the VDMFK.

Guofu Huang

Huang Guofu was born in Chongqing on 9 June 1970. In 1974, at the age of four, he lost both arms as a result of an electric accident. Despite his adverse circumstances, Guofu completed his primary education and later on through years of self-study completed his secondary education. At the age of twelve, on his own initiative, be began painting and calligraphy with his feet. But after receiving the opinion that his paintings lacked elegance because of his technique, he taught himself to use the brush with his teeth. Mouth painting allowed him to paint with more detail. Guofu subsequently had the honour of studying painting in depth from great masters of the art. In his twenties, he studied under some very famous Chinese artists such as Wang Yiyang, Chen Mo, Hu Yichuan and Li Chenghan to name just a few.

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