Czech Republic

Veronika Svatosová

Veronika SVATOSOVÁ was born on 21 Jan 1987 in the Czech Republic. Until the age of thirteen, she lived like other children, but during the 2000 holiday, she fell from a tree and has been completely paralyzed ever since. She followed the example of a similarly injured colleague Tomáš Janoušek: very soon after her accident she began to write and paint with her mouth, and also learned to use a computer.

Sarka Dvorská

Sarka DVORSKÁ was born on 11 August 1968 in the Czech Republic. She is strapped to a wheelchair from birth and deprived of creative hand movement. Thanks to her great will and effort, she learned to write and paint with her mouth. Although painting is very physically demanding for her, she considers them one of the best relaxations for her soul.

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