Risto Toivanen

Born on 24 December 1946 in Aanekoski, due to cerebral palsy Risto Toivanen’s arms have been paralyzed since birth. When he was only three years old he learned to perform the most important everyday tasks with his feet. His ability to express himself artistically evolved gradually from writing and drawing exercises. He attended primary and secondary school and subsequently studied at the university in Jyvaskyla. In 1968 he received a scholarship from the association. This enabled him to work more intensively. He became a Full Member of the VDMFK in 1974. Risto Toivanen uses a great variety of techniques and materials but is especially fond of acrylic and oil. He paints landscapes and compositions in an abstract manner. He looks back on numerous contributions to group exhibitions at home and abroad.

Lissu Lundström

Lissu Lundström was born on 19 April 1952 in Helsinki, with a severe disability. She attended a special school where she found that she was able to write holding a pen between her teeth. It was also noticed that she was very interested in painting. At the age of eleven, she made her first attempts to paint, which were promising. Numerous surgical interventions contributed to making her uncontrolled movements less marked and also made painting easier for her. From 1973 onwards Lissu Lundström focussed on her education. The most important part of her education was an art course at the cultural centre for adult education in Helsinki. She experimented with different techniques. She discovered that she preferred painting with oil.

Anja Hämäläinen-Numminen

Born on 8 November 1936 in Koski, Anja Hämäläinen–Numminen contracted polio in 1951 and lost the use of her arms. It took Anja, who had always enjoyed embroidering, knitting and drawing patterns, three or four years before she began to paint and draw with a utensil in her mouth. She decided to take lessons in different painting styles with trained teachers. In 1965 she was granted a scholarship by the Association. This gave her the opportunity to intensify her painting activities. In 1980 she became a Full Member of the AMFPA.

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