Great Britain

Rosaleen Simmonds

Rosaleen Moriarty- Simmonds was born on 5 December 1960 in Great Britain. She was born without arms or legs as a result of her mother having been prescribed the drug Thalidomide during pregnancy; this has not prevented Rosaleen from leading a full and active life. She graduated from Cardiff University in 1985 with an honours degree in Psychology. In 1995, Rosaleen established the RMS Disability Issues Consultancy. She has brought disability and equality issues to the attention of many eminent members of the South Wales business and entertainment world through her business and community work.

Robert Trent

Robert Trent was born in Weymouth on 21 April 1959. He has suffered from arthrogryposis since birth, an illness characterised by multiple stiffening of the joints and muscle defects. After attending Chailey Heritage School and Hereward College he eventually graduated with a BSc in Information Systems. In 1985 he started working as an IT analyst at Southampton General Hospital. Later, he became an information risk analyst with Ordnance Survey in Southampton and was promoted to Senior Information Risk Manager in 1994. Robert took up mouth painting in his search for a rewarding life-work balance.

David L. Cawthorne

David L. Cawthorne was born on 22 April 1962 in Castleford. In February 1981, he suffered an injury to the spinal column during a Rugby game and since then he has been almost completely paralysed. During physiotherapy and movement therapy he learned to use his mouth to carry out the activities otherwise done by hand. This also brought him into contact with mouth painting for the first time. He acquired increasing skills within a few months of practice. His family and friends asked him to paint pictures for them, increasing his dedication and leading to considerable progress as a mouth painter.

Trevor C. Wells

Trevor C. Wells was born on 1 November 1956 in Portsmouth. He broke his neck while playing rugby and was left paralyzed from his neck down. He stayed in the hospital for seven months. On leaving hospital in 1981, he went to live in a “Young Disabled Unit”, which is where he was encouraged to paint with his mouth. In the same year, he was granted a scholarship by the Association. In 1987 he became a Full Member, which gave him the opportunity for a completely new carrier as a mouth painter. In 1990, Trevor C. Wells left the “Young Disabled Unit” and moved to Chesham in Buckinghamshire.

Alison Lapper

Alison Lapper was born without arms. Born on 7th April 1965 in Burton on Trent, she spent the first 17 years of her life in a hospital in Switzerland. She took up foot painting at an early age. She had to give up foot painting and switch over to mouth painting after an operation. From this time on, she concentrated very hard on her artistic education. In 1994, her name was entered in the honorary list of best students of fine arts at the University of Brighton. Since 1982 the VDMFK has supported Alison Lapper by granting her a scholarship.

Keith Jansz

Keith Jansz was born on 8 September 1961 in London. After completing his education, Keith Jansz could look back on a very successful career. Aside from his job as a freelance financial advisor and stockbroker, he was also quite athletic. In 1995 he was in a car accident in which he broke the vertebra in the C5/C6 area, leaving him paralyzed from that point down and no longer able to use his arms and legs. As a result, he had to spend a long time in the hospital. Two years after he was released from the hospital he met the mouth painter Trevor C. Wells who encouraged him to try and paint with his mouth.

Steven Paul Chambers

Steven Paul Chambers was born on 26 November 1961 in Denham. He suffers from arthrogryposis syndrome, a disease affecting the muscles and joints. He, therefore, has only very limited use of his arms and legs. Since his grandfather worked as an artist, Steven Paul Chambers developed a very early interest in art as a little boy. His parents encouraged his artistic activities and helped him realise that just because he was disabled did not mean that he could not develop his creative abilities. After finishing school he began to study art at Amersham Art College, where he met a nurse who drew his attention to the Association in 1980.

Ian. D Parker

Ian D. Parker was born in Crawley, West Sussex, on 8 July 1970, with a rare medical condition known as arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC). As a result, he has been unable to walk or use his arms since birth. He attended Chailey Heritage Craft School at a very young age to receive physiotherapy. It was here that he also learned to paint with his mouth. Then, after he had turned 20, he moved to Stoke-on-Trent where he studied and graduated in art at Staffordshire University. He became a Student Member in 2014.

Tom E. Yendell

Tom E. Yendell was a thalidomide baby, born without arms. For this reason, he has used his mouth, feet and chin for the activities of everyday life from his childhood. Born on March 21, 1962, in Winchester, in 1986, he was given a scholarship by the Association. Having become an Associate Member of the VDMFK in 1993, he became a Full Member in 1996. In July 2013, on the occasion of the General Meeting in Vienna, he was elected Member of the Board. Tom E. Yendell’s graphic works display a high degree of perfection. He likes to paint in powerful colours and with powerful brush strokes. Nature is his muse. One of the specialities of this mouth and foot painting artist is his strict ornamental and graphically effective Christmas motifs.

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