Bracha Fischel

Bracha Fischel was born in Zurich(Israel) in 1959. After school, she became a nurse. In 2006, she fell ill with rheumatoid arthritis with spinal involvement. The result of the disease was quadriplegia with myelopathy. While painting was once just a hobby for Fischel, while exploring a rehabilitation centre, she discovers her talent and art as a true passion. She learned the basic types of painting, strengthened the muscles to guide the brush and pen securely between her teeth, and continued to practice at home.

Yohai Levy

Yohai Levy was born on 17 March 1966 in Beersheba. In 1988 Yohai was severely injured in a motorcycle accident. Since then, he has been completely unable to use his hands and feet. Shortly afterwards, he made his first attempts at mouth painting. He derived great pleasure from it and therefore mouth painting became a fundamental part of his life. Only three years after his accident he received a scholarship from the Association which enabled him to concentrate intensively on his artistic activity. In 2000, he became an Associate Member of the AMFPA. Yohai Levy received a lot of support such as painting lessons from the Israeli publishing house, in order to make progress with the painting.

Netta Ganor

Netta Ganor was born in Jerusalem on 28 October 1979. After attending elementary school, high school and College of Management she gained a Bachelor’s degree in computer science in 2001 before going on to complete a Master’s Degree and a doctoral thesis in Business Administration & Information Systems. She works at a hi-tech company, has been married since 2009 and is a mother. On 25 November 1994, her life was turned completely upside down. She was a “geek” high school student who practised athletics and enjoyed making art craft, when she contracted “Transverse Myelitis” – a rare syndrome which inflated her spinal cord and left her paralysed from the shoulders down, dependent on a ventilator. After she had recovered sufficiently to come off the ventilator, during rehabilitation, Netta met a mouth and foot painter and decided to give the painting a try.

Itzhak Adir

Born on 29 November 1947 in Iran, Itzhak Adir went to a technical college of the Israeli Air Force. While he served in the army as an Air Force engineer, he was severely injured at the age of 21. He has been confined to the wheelchair ever since. As a mouth painting artist, he created a new life for himself and mastered his difficult fate through painting. One year after his accident Adir was granted a scholarship by the Association. This enabled him to enrol at the academy for art teachers in Ramat-Hasharon and he graduated with honours. In 1979 he became a Full Member of the MFPA.

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