Roberto Zomero

Born on 12 January 1957 in Milan, Roberto Zomero suffers from quadriplegia as a result of birth trauma and can, therefore, make no use of his upper or lower limbs. He began his schooling at the age of six, successfully completing primary and secondary school despite his disability. He then attended the painting and ceramic courses at the “Gaetano-Negri” school in Milan. He followed this by gaining admission to the “Brera” Academy of Art, completing his studies with distinction. In 1986, Roberto Zomero was given a scholarship by the Association, which enabled him to concentrate more intensively on mouth painting. In 1990, he moved to a small village in the province of Cremona.

Giulio Volpin

Giulio Volpin was born on 21 December 1966 in Padua, with deformed upper limbs (phocomelia). During his teenage years, he discovered his passion for painting. He then tried to paint with his mouth. He taught himself the techniques and progressed consistently, aided by his persistence and his will to live. Guided by Mario Barbujani (a member of the association) he perfected his talent. In 1983 Giulio Volpin was granted a scholarship by the AMFPA. This enabled him to become more intensively involved with painting. In 2001 he became an Associate Member of the Association.

Dr. Santina Portelli

Dr Santina Portelli was born on 26 June 1948 in Ragusa and has been paralysed in all her limbs since birth. She moved with her parents to Milan at the age of six where she still lives today. She is a PhD holder in Psychology from the University of La Sapienza in Rome in 1985. She was a bright kid throughout her education life. In the following years, she learned the technique of painting with oil in masterclasses with Gianni Guidolini Santamaria. Although she still prefers this technique, she cultivates a wide artistic repertoire and is also an accomplished ceramics painter. She received her first scholarship from the Association in 1966. She became an Associate AMFPA Member in 1991 and has been a Regular Member since 2000.

Natalina Marcantoni

Born on 24 December 1961 in Verona, due to a polio vaccination Natalina Marcantoni became ill at the age of eleven months. The paralysis affected both lower limbs and, therefore, confined her to a wheelchair. From that moment on until the age of 18, she spent her life in various institutions. She attended compulsory school and a 3-year course for ceramic painting. Afterwards, she began to paint ceramics, which became her passion. She displayed her works of art at various exhibitions. The association became aware of Natalina Marcantoni through a newspaper interview. She was contacted and from that moment on she began to paint pictures. In 1989 she received a stipend from the VDMFK.

Tranquillo Fregoni

Born on 26 May 1956 in Monza, Prof. Tranquillo Fregoni suffers from a congenital deformity of arms and legs, making him unable to use them. Despite his disability, he attended a primary and secondary school where he learned to write and paint with his mouth. He also attended one of the most well-known art colleges in Lombardy where he studied with the painter Gino Meloni. Furthermore, Tranquillo Fregoni attended a drawing and painting course at the Brera art academy in Milan. Upon completion of the course, he has conferred a diploma. At the young age of ten Tranquillo Fregoni was granted a scholarship by the Association. In 1983 he became a Full Member of the AMFPA.

Bruno Carati

Bruno Carati was born on 18 November 1941 in Milan. He suffered from spastic paralysis from birth. He started painting from the age of thirteen.  He acquired his knowledge of painting through private instructions in painting and art history. He was soon acknowledged by the biggest Italian and foreign daily papers. The national Italian TV station RAI was also interested in him and dedicated an entire episode of the program “Today is Sunday, too” (Anche oggi è Domenica) to him. As of 1956, the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists gave him a scholarship and in 1961 he became a Full Member of the AMFPA. Since then many of his works have been part of international exhibitions sponsored by the AMFPA.

Luigi Calloni

Born on 3 October 1948 in Livorno, Luigi Calloni was without arms by birth. He began painting at the age of twelve. He acquired the knowledge of painting by receiving mentorship from experienced painters from Livorno and by attending the Arts Academy in Ardenza. In 1977, Luigi Calloni had already received a scholarship from the association which allowed him to show his works to the public. An exhibition of his works was held in Munich. Furthermore, he had exhibitions in Italy, Switzerland and Austria.

Luca Bucchi

Luca Bucchi was born on 16 June 1966 in Rome. In 1985 he was called up for military service and moved to Pisa, where he trained to become a paratrooper. An eventual accident resulted in the paralysis of his arms and legs which confined him to a wheelchair. From this time on, Luca Bucchi took refuge in a world of longing and of memories, which he continually commits to paper by writing and drawing. These new circumstances made him rediscover his passion for drawing. When a friend of the family and wife of the artist, Guerrino Collina learned about his passion for painting, she encouraged him to submit his works to the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists worldwide. The Association found his works interesting and granted him a scholarship. This gave him an opportunity to improve his painting technique by attending painting courses at an art school in Rome. This is also the school where he earned the diploma for an “art teacher”.

Mario Cav. Barzon

Born on September 29, 1942, in Corte di Pieve di Sacco, Mario Cav. Barzon was completely paralysed by birth. At the age of 21, he began to paint as an autodidact. Furthermore, he took regular classes under the guidance of experienced teachers. He also wrote articles and stories for numerous newspapers. One year after his first attempts at painting, the Association granted him a scholarship. In 1992 he became a Full Member of the AMFPA. Besides being a painter he is also a successful writer.

Mario Barbujani

Born on May 22, 1956, in Rovigo, Mario Barbujani was with paralyzed arms and deformed feet by birth. He began to learn the art of painting as an autodidact. With great will and passion, he has succeeded in going his own way, even if this path is paved with anguish difficulties as well as with both pleasant and sad events. They have shaped his character and his extremely individual way of expressing himself. His paintings show a world of fear and great hope. He mastered traditional Italian art – the tendency toward decorative, beautiful pictures – in its entirety. With his pictures, whose themes are, for the most part, his beloved figures, landscapes and flowers; Mario Barbujani sees the world without haste and, with the aid of details, understands what is important in life.

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