Mouth and Foot Artist

Jen-Long Liu

Jen Long Liu was born on 1 March 1968 in Taipei. At the age of thirteen, Jen-Long Liu’s kite got caught in a power line at play. When he tried to free it he received an electric shock. As a consequence both his arms were paralyzed and finally had to be amputated. Soon after he start painting with his mouth and his feet. He took great pleasure in taking private painting and drawing lessons. This enabled him to make great progress as regards his technique and the art of painting. In 1989, AMFPA granted him a scholarship which enabled him to intensify his artistic activity. In 1997, he became an associate member of AMFPA.

Changjiang Li

Born on 26 March 1963 in Hegang city, Changjiang Li has been interested in fine arts since childhood. At the age of eleven, he touched a live electric pylon which had fallen down during a storm due to which he lost both his arms and three toes of his left foot. From that time onwards he wrote, painted and photographed with his mouth to express his feelings and understanding of the world and was tireless in his pursuit of art.

Stanislaw Kmiecik

Stanislaw Kmiecik was born without arms. Born on 2 November 1971 in Kleczany, he began to paint with his mouth and foot at the age of five. Over the following years, he developed his skills on his own and was able to make great progress. His many paintings display strong emotions, revealing a talent that goes beyond average creativity. In 1989 the artist became an MFPA Scholarship Holder and in 2005 was made an Associate Member of the Association. Stanislaw’s favourite media are oil, pastel, watercolour, acrylic, tempera and pencils.

Demetrio Herrera-Olivares

Demetrio Herrera-Olivares was born on 14 May 1932 in Pachuca. He was born without arms. From childhood, he had to perform certain tasks with his feet. In 1950, he started painting with his right foot and he was pretty good at it from the beginning. In 1964, Demetrio was granted a scholarship by the association. This gave him the opportunity to dedicate himself completely to painting.

Tom E. Yendell

Tom E. Yendell was a thalidomide baby, born without arms. For this reason, he has used his mouth, feet and chin for the activities of everyday life from his childhood. Born on March 21, 1962, in Winchester, in 1986, he was given a scholarship by the Association. Having become an Associate Member of the VDMFK in 1993, he became a Full Member in 1996. In July 2013, on the occasion of the General Meeting in Vienna, he was elected Member of the Board. Tom E. Yendell’s graphic works display a high degree of perfection. He likes to paint in powerful colours and with powerful brush strokes. Nature is his muse. One of the specialities of this mouth and foot painting artist is his strict ornamental and graphically effective Christmas motifs.

Krzysztof Kosowski

Krzysztof Kosowski was born in Jablonowo Pomorskie on August 5, 1963. When he was nine years old, he lost his hands as a result of being electrocuted. He studied the history of art for two years at the University of Wroclaw. He paints by mouth and feet and employs a number of techniques, the most frequent being oil, mixed media, watercolour and Indian ink. He finds inspiration for his work in fairy tales, myths and the world of the imagination, as well as the reality which surrounds him. He has been a member of the Association of Foot and Mouth Painting Artists of the World since 1988.

Guofu Huang

Huang Guofu was born in Chongqing on 9 June 1970. In 1974, at the age of four, he lost both arms as a result of an electric accident. Despite his adverse circumstances, Guofu completed his primary education and later on through years of self-study completed his secondary education. At the age of twelve, on his own initiative, be began painting and calligraphy with his feet. But after receiving the opinion that his paintings lacked elegance because of his technique, he taught himself to use the brush with his teeth. Mouth painting allowed him to paint with more detail. Guofu subsequently had the honour of studying painting in depth from great masters of the art. In his twenties, he studied under some very famous Chinese artists such as Wang Yiyang, Chen Mo, Hu Yichuan and Li Chenghan to name just a few.

Manoj Bhingare

Manoj was only ten years when he lost his hands in a bus accident. Born in Surat, he was the only child of his parents. Despite his disability, Manoj never gave up and completed his schooling as well as earned a degree in Fine Arts from C N Vidhyalaya. His dream was to become an artist and he decided to fulfil this dream overcoming his disability.

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