Małgorzata Waszkiewicz

Małgorzata Waszkiewicz was born on 3 July 1973 in Poland. Born disabled, Cerebral Palsy left quite visible traces, namely total paresis of the upper limbs and slurred speech. In this situation, she was left to use her feet since childhood. She graduated from elementary school, and in 1998, at the instigation of a colleague, she began her adventure with painting. Thus joining VDMFK in 1999. 

Jerzy Omelczuk

Jerzy Omelczuk was born on 24 August 1957 in Siemiatycze, with infantile cerebral palsy. From his third birthday on he lived in homes of the public health service. He got interested in painting at a very early age, took a pencil with his mouth and started drawing. A few years later he was presented with paints and a brush, which made his love for painting even stronger. During the early years, he learned mouth painting as an autodidact. Since 1980, Jerzy Omelczuk has been engaging in easel painting. It was only two years later that he was accepted as a student by the Association, which allowed him to intensify his mouth painting activity.

Mariusz Maczka

Mariusz Maczka was born on 21 April 1973 in Dobiegniew. In June 1988, he was involved in a grave car accident where he fractured his vertebra, resulting in paralysis of his extremities. He has been confined to the wheelchair ever since. Five years after his accident, he started to paint with his mouth. He enjoyed it very much right from the start and was soon able to make significant artistic progress. He was admitted to the MFPA Association as a Student Member in 2000.

Stanislaw Kmiecik

Stanislaw Kmiecik was born without arms. Born on 2 November 1971 in Kleczany, he began to paint with his mouth and foot at the age of five. Over the following years, he developed his skills on his own and was able to make great progress. His many paintings display strong emotions, revealing a talent that goes beyond average creativity. In 1989 the artist became an MFPA Scholarship Holder and in 2005 was made an Associate Member of the Association. Stanislaw’s favourite media are oil, pastel, watercolour, acrylic, tempera and pencils.

Walery Siejtbatalow

Dr Walery Siejtbatalow was born on 8 June 1965 in Denisovka. He suffered a cervical spinal injury after jumping from a hill into a river and has been confined to a wheelchair since then. To escape from his loss of mobility, he began writing with a pen in his mouth. Later he hit on the idea of painting and drawing in this way. Consequently, he taught himself. Since 2012, the VDMFK gave him a scholarship.

Krzysztof Kosowski

Krzysztof Kosowski was born in Jablonowo Pomorskie on August 5, 1963. When he was nine years old, he lost his hands as a result of being electrocuted. He studied the history of art for two years at the University of Wroclaw. He paints by mouth and feet and employs a number of techniques, the most frequent being oil, mixed media, watercolour and Indian ink. He finds inspiration for his work in fairy tales, myths and the world of the imagination, as well as the reality which surrounds him. He has been a member of the Association of Foot and Mouth Painting Artists of the World since 1988.

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