South Korea

Jin Hyun Song

Jin Hyun Song was born on 4th November 1968 in Daegu. He graduated from the University of Daegu in Chemistry. In February 1996, he was so severely injured in a car accident that he remained paralysed in all four limbs. This happened while he was serving in the army as a captain. In his search for a new meaning to life, Jin Hyun Song met a mouth painter from AMFPA, who encouraged him to paint holding the brush in his mouth. In the beginning.

Jong Kwan Park

Park Jong Kwan was born on 4 November 1959 in Chungnam Onyang. He had an accident at work in 1986 in which his fourth and fifth cervical vertebrae were fractured. He has been paralysed in all four limbs since then and is unable to move his hands. He spent four years in hospital after the accident. It was during this period when he was seeking a new direction for his life that he met an art teacher who taught him how to paint. This was the start of and the motivation for his mouth painting. He learned about the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Worldwide in a television programme.

Ho Sik Lee

Ho Sik Lee was born 5 July 1966 in Gapyoung, South Korea. After completing his military service he ran a restaurant until his motorcycle accident in 1988. The accident led to complete paralysis of all limbs and required a hospital stay of nine months as well as a two-year stay in a monastery. In 1998, when he tried to give his life new meaning, he came into contact with mouth painting for the first time. From 1998 to 2001 he taught himself to paint with his mouth. From August 2001 onwards, he received art lessons for two years. From 2005, he received a scholarship from the MFPA. In 2011 he became an Associate Member of MFPA. Lee Ho Sik uses watercolour for his artworks. His favourite themes are landscapes of his home, South Korea.

Jeong Park

Jeong Park was born on 27 October 1971 in Dong-Hae. In 1991 he fractured his 4th and 5th dorsal vertebrae in a swimming accident. This resulted in permanent paralysis of his arms and legs and confined Jeong to the wheelchair. In 1991 he read a report about the publishing house in South Korea. After contacting the publisher and receiving the requested information he started to paint with his mouth. It was only two years later that he became a Student Member of the Association. This gave him the opportunity to receive painting lessons once a week, enabling him to continuously improve his painting skills and thereby also his work.

In-Suk Lim

Lim In Suk was born on 8 March 1970 in Pyong Tak. Eight months into birth he suffered a brain injury. Since then, he has been suffering from cerebral paresis and can therefore not use his limbs. For this reason, he learnt at a very early stage to use his feet to fulfil the daily tasks. At the age of seven, Lim In Suk started drawing and painting with his left leg. In order to learn the technique he participated in a distance education painting programme in Seoul. From 1988 to 1991 he was taught by the famous portrait painter Yoon Ho.

Hee-Jeong Kim

Kim Hee-Jeong, born on 2 August 1961 in Seoul, led a well educated and achieved life till 1981. In 1981, her further training plans were thwarted when she suffered a severe accident where she broke her neck and remained paralysed. She can neither use her arms nor her legs and is confined to a wheelchair. Over time she learnt to fulfil her daily tasks with her mouth, which is why she took up mouth painting soon after her accident. Hee-Jeong Kim paints in the traditional East Asian style: aquarelle colours on Chinese paper. Her favourite motif is the whole range of flower and animal pictures with their symbolic content. In 1988, she was granted a student membership to the MFPA.

Soon Yi Oh

Born on 15th May 1966 in Masan city of South Korea, Soon Yi Oh lost both her arms in a tragic accident at the age of two. By the age of five, she learned to perform everyday tasks with her feet. In her fourth year of secondary school, her teachers encouraged her to paint by holding a brush between her toes.

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