Luis Lorenzo Navarro

Mr Lorenzo Navarro was born on August 25, 1953, in Abezames. He used to be a primary school teacher. Since April 26, 1989, he has been suffering from serious circulatory disturbances in his arms and legs and is therefore no longer able to move them. He must use a respirator that causes blood to circulate. In September 1990, Mr Navarro began painting with his mouth. He is an autodidact.

Cristóbal Moreno-Toledo

Born on 21 June 1941 in Cordoba, Cristóbal Moreno Toledo has suffered from muscular dystrophy since birth. He began painting and writing with his mouth in elementary school. With great commitment he continued to self educate him in art. Later on Cristóbal Moreno Toledo took a correspondence course at the Parramon Institute in Barcelona. His style of paintings is impressionistic with wide brush strokes, open and generous, with lots of paints and warm colours in forms that move towards expressionism. He chooses his subjects, ranging from landscapes and portraits to nudes, instinctively; sketching, oil painting, engraving and watercolour are the techniques he prefers. Cristóbal Moreno Toledo is also a writer.

Franciso Palos Jimenez

Francisco Palos Jimenez was born in Barcelona on 18 November 1960. Still, at primary school, he had already started working at the age of eleven. When he was working at the age of twenty-five he had an accident which left him tetraplegic. His arms and legs have been paralysed since then. In a while, Francisco discovered his love of art, quite by chance, while playing mouth painting with his daughter. He continued to paint as part of his rehabilitation. Gradually, painting became his hobby. Frequently he would spend seven or eight hours a day working to improve his artistic skills. In fact, he learnt to become a mouth painter completely by himself.

Manuel Parreño Rivera

Born on 22 November 1938 in Valverde del Camino, Manuel Parreño Rivera suffered from polio at the age of seven months resulting in the paralysis of his arms and hands. For this reason, even as a small boy, he was compelled to use his feet for doing various activities. He felt a painter’s calling from a very early age when he completed his first drawing at the age of four and won first prize in a school competition at the age of eight. He further developed his artistic techniques in painting and drawing both on his own initiative and later at the school of Art in Seville. The foot painter became a member of the Association as early as 1957 and has been a member of the MFPA board since 1995.

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