Eva Nilsson

Eva Nilsson was born on 16 June 1973 in Sundsvall. In 1998, she was involved in a diving accident which left her with spinal trauma and a fracture of the C4-C5 vertebrae causing her upper and lower limbs to remain paralysed. In 1999, she began using her mouth to express herself as an artist.

Hisham Edghaim

Hisham Edghaim was born on 7 April 1958 in Bahrain. In 1976, one year before graduating from High School, Hisham had a diving accident which left him, quadriplegic, with his arms and legs completely paralysed. In 1982 he started painting with his mouth, a skill which he taught himself. In 1983 he moved to Sweden, where he further developed his painting skills by taking private lessons and attending seminars. Hisham Edghaim often chooses nature and landscapes as subjects for his works, with a special focus on his country of choice. Again and again, he paints winter landscapes and the coast thick with snow, with the black outline of a forest and the black edge of a rock at the entrance to a cave.

Marlon Bravo Vildozo

Marlon Bravo Vildozo was born on 23 December 1957 in Tacna, Peru. An accident was the reason why he became tetraplegic in 1975. He is, therefore, unable to use arms and legs. In 1981 he moved to Sweden and went to live in Göteborg. He learned Swedish and became a citizen of this European country. In 1995 he began to take painting lessons. He came to enjoy mouth painting very much as there was a lot for him to learn. In 2000 he became a Student Member of the Association.  Marlon became a Full Member in 2011.

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