Bruno Carati

Mouth Artist



Bruno Carati was born on 18 November 1941 in Milan. He suffered from spastic paralysis from birth. He started painting from the age thirteen.  He acquired his knowledge of painting through private instruction in painting and art history. He was soon acknowledged by the biggest Italian and foreign daily papers. The national Italian TV station RAI was also interested in him and dedicated an entire episode of the program “Today is Sunday, too” (Anche oggi è Domenica) to him. As of 1956 the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists gave him a scholarship and in 1961 he became a full member of the AMFPA. Since then many of his works have been part of international exhibits sponsored by the AMFPA.

He also organized many one-man shows which were quite successful. For example, his works have been displayed to the general public in Varese, Piacenza, Gallarte and Busto Arsizio. Bruno Carati is a painter, sculptor and potter. He also creates and paints on glass surfaces, designs cloths and fabrics and develops aids for the handicapped. The development and construction of aids which serve handicapped people like him has turned into his hobby. For example, the driver’s side of a car was recently adapted to his needs according to his instructions. He can now drive it with his mouth.


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