Mario Cav. Barzon

Mouth Artist



Born on September 29, 1942 in Corte di Pieve di Sacco, Mario Cav. Barzon was completely paralysed by birth. At the age of 21 he began to paint as an autodidact. Furthermore he took regular classes under the guidance of experienced teachers. He also wrote articles and stories for numerous newspapers. One year after his first attempts at painting, the Association granted him a scholarship. In 1992 he became full member of the AMFPA. Besides being a painter he is also a successful writer.

In the paintings of Mario Cav. Barzon, bright suns, white winters, clear waters and trees in Venetian landscapes are the expression of an impetuous, natural and true zest for life, which is captured anew every single day and thus feels even more authentic as he himself says. His painting is expressionist; the colours are fresh like the subject matter, clear and light with partly lively and intense nuances. Since 1951 Mario Cav. Barzon has been living in Senago near Milan, where he has set up a permanent exhibition of his works. For his paintings he has already received numerous awards and distinctions, among them the “Cavaliere dell’Ordine della Repubblica Italiana” which he was awarded by the former Italian President, Sandro Pertini.