Pey Fei Wen

Foot Artist



Pey Fei Wen was born on June 1973 in Tainan City. A short time after her birth Pey Fei Wen suffered an atrophy of her hands, which became deformed. She hasn’t been able to use her hands ever since. Already in her early childhood the artist was fond of painting. She tried painting holding pencils with her foot and also carried out simple tasks with it. After primary education she went to a technical college, where she studied fine arts. She began studying different painting techniques and learned traditional Chinese painting.

Pey Fei Wen got to know the formal style of traditional Chinese painting, which allows strokes without paying attention to details. In addition, this allowed her to study the characteristic features of birds and flowers. In 1991, Pey Fei Wen was granted a scholarship by the Association. In 1998, she became an associate member of the AMFPA. In her artistic work Pey Fei Wen prefers painting birds, flowers, vegetables and fruit in traditional Chinese style with its typical strokes. In the last few years she has also painted watercolours occasionally. In September 2001 she staged her first solo exhibition, where she presented her works to the public.


Wen Pey Fei