Shu-I Yang

Foot Artist



Shu-I Yang was born on 6 July 1979 in Kwan Shi City. As her mother had to perform very hard physical work during her pregnancy, Shu-I Yang fell ill with hyperbilirubinemia one day after her birth. Because the attending doctor did not give her the necessary blood transfusion to treat the condition, she developed cerebral paralysis of the upper limbs. The deformation of her hands and feet impair her movements. As a consequence she is confined to the wheelchair and depends on her mother’s daily care. From childhood on she had interest for nature and developed a passion for painting. She has overcome her congenital disability and skilfully uses two toes of her foot to write on the computer, play music and practise her artistic talent i.e. painting.

Soon she became a skillful foot painter. Later Lata successfully completed her graduation with a Master’s Degree in Arts. Lata has painted on a wide range of subjects, with landscapes and flower themes being her favourites. She has been a member of the MFPA since 2005.