Tranquilo Fregoni

Mouth Artist



Born on 26 May 1956 in Monza, Prof. Tranquillo Fregoni suffers from a congenital deformation of arms and legs, making him unable to use them. Despite his disability he attended primary and secondary school where he learned to write and paint with his mouth. He also attended one of the most well-known art colleges in Lombardy where he studied with the painter Gino Meloni. Furthermore Tranquillo Fregoni attended a drawing and painting course at the Brera art academy in Milan. Upon completion of the course he was conferred a diploma. At the young age of ten Tranquillo Fregoni was granted a scholarship by the Association. In 1983 he became a full member of the AMFPA.

Even while still a scholarship holder he organised numerous personal exhibitions and contributed frequently to group exhibitions. To a great extent his paintings have been presented to the public in Italy. Today he can look back on exhibitions in Sydney, Madrid, Vienna and in Locarno in Switzerland. His works have been very well received. Besides painting, Tranquillo Fregoni is very interested in football and the cinema. He also likes to play with computers, listening to music and takes long walks where he looks for characteristic localities that are a source of inspiration for new paintings.