Trevor C. Wells

Mouth Artist

Great Britain


Trevor C. Wells was born on 1 November 1956 in Portsmouth. The accident happened when he broke his neck while playing rugby and was left paralyzed from his neck down. He stayed in hospital for seven month. On leaving hospital he went to live in a “Young Disabled Unit”, which is where he was encouraged to paint in 1981.In the same year he was granted a scholarship by the Association. In 1987 he became a full member, which gave him the opportunity for a completely new carrier as a mouth painter. In 1990, Trevor C. Wells left the “Young Disabled Unit” and moved to Chesham in Buckinhamshire.

In 2000 he participated in the Convention of Delegates in Sydney, where he had the great honour to be elected to the Board of the Association. Trevor C. Well’s favourites subjects are landscapes, which he paints in acrylics most of the time. His precise observation of nature – he often paints from photographs – makes his paintings particularly attractive. Particularly the winter landscapes, which are among the favourite subjects of Trevor C. Wells, are marked by masterly colouristic effects. He has had the opportunity to present his numerous works at solo and group exhibitions all over the world.