As co-owners of the Association, member artists are the sole benefactors of the Association’s financial objectives. Revenues are distributed among all artists in the form of monthly scholarships and year end bonuses.

Student members receive a scholarship to help improve their standard of painting by providing funds for materials, tuition, etc. This provides them with the means to become an Associate or Full member of the Association. As a student improves, the scholarship is increased.

When a student has reached a standard judged to be the equivalent to that of non-disabled professionals, Associate or Full membership is granted.

Membership means that every member artist will receive a monthly income for life regardless of whether increasing disability makes it possible for them to continue providing artwork that the Association can market. This arrangement removes great fear from the disabled artist – the possibility of losing one’s ability to continue painting through deteriorating health.

Membership enables the artist to concentrate on painting, secure in the knowledge that business matters are being handled according to their wishes by experienced professionals.

Members and students have the opportunity to meet at the Association’s conferences, exhibitions and other events, where they are able to gather, interact and learn from each other.

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