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Shopping bags are a lovely escape from the dramatic and embarrassing market accidents. If your shopping packets have ever torn in the middle of the road and left all your groceries rolling out everywhere, then you know the horror! Shopping bags also save you from embarrassing yourself by holding many packets in your hands in front of people.

These shopping bags will transform your shopping experience from an uncomfortable and embarrassing one to a stylish and easy experience.

Shop in style with these trending shopping bags that will make you fall for them instantly.

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Embossed Shopping Bag – Brown- dark colour lovers this should be your pick! Having this in your hand will leave you hands free from those in numerous grocery packets. Click here to check out this product.

Embossed Shopping Bag – Pink-this eye-catching beauty is stylish, trendy, spacious and comfortable to keep you easy while you shop! The colour is to fall for. Check out this lovely pink shopping bag here,

-Embossed Shopping Bag – Purple-this vibrant shopping bag is sure to make heads turn! This is all you want when you have a long shopping list and don’t want to tire out your hands. With this shopping bag you will never want anyone else to carry your shopping for you! Check it out here.

Embossed Shopping Bag – Green this shopping bag in fresh green colour is all you want!  Stylish to the eyes, easy on your hands and spacious enough to easily carry all your shopping. Click to have a look at this product.

Embossed Shopping Bag space grey- This unique and lovely colour is a must have. Get your shopping organized and mess free with this lovely shopping bags. Click here to buy now.

Since the last decade, the world is more aware about the toxic effects of single use plastics and a lot of countries have either strictly banned plastic bags or have strict regulations relating to single use plastics. The last decade has also seen many people switching to reusable and more sustainable solutions and Shopping bags are one of the most important product people have switched on to, in the last decade. There are a wide variety of shopping bag designs available in the market and people love to buy their shopping bags online. Reusable and eco-friendly shopping bags are the new favourite!

The first  reusable bag created was called ‘Burlap Bag’. It was woven with fabric that was made from the skin of a jute plant or sisal fibres. The burlap bag was first used by Indians and was created in 1793.The idea was born when people realized that plastic bags wereposing a threat to the environment due by polluting the earth.

Then finally Reusable Bags emerged in the early 1990’s. These bags were made in a variety of forms, types and being made out of materials varying from cotton to nylon. By the mid 1990’s the bags were given a nickname of PP shopping bags since they contain the material polypropylene.

Plastic bags are easy and simple to use, no worries about storing and cleaning them and most importantly, they came free (previously) and were a hygienic way for exchange of goods. But here are more better reasons to use shopping bags.

  1. A one time buy/Reusable – these shopping bags are made either with canvas, jute or cotton. The material is such that it can be your shopping friend for a long time. You do not have to worry about your newly shopped goods or how to carry them for a long time. Unlike the plastic bags which need to be a new piece every time.
  2. An eco-friendly solution – No matter how good plastic bags seem they are still bad for the environment. Switching to reusable shopping bags is a suitable solution and will be your little step towards a greener earth. Due to the eco-friendly material used to manufacturing these shopping bags, they are bio degradable unlike plastic bags.
  3. The world against plastics- A lot of countries have banned the use of single use plastics pertaining to its harmful effects on the environment and its slower disposable time.

Last year, 170 nations pledged to “significantly reduce” the use of plastic by the year 2030.

Kenya was one of the countries to ban the use of single-use plastic bags in 2017. United Kingdom put a tax on plastic bags in 2015.United States – New York, California and Hawaii are among the states to have banned single-use plastic bags. The European Union plans to ban single-use plastic items such as straws, forks, knives and cotton buds by 2021.China  has announced a plan to ban non-degradable bags in all cities and towns by 2022. Single-use straws will also be banned in the restaurant industry by the end of 2020. India – instead of a proposed nationwide ban on plastic bags, cups and straws, states are being asked to enforce existing rules on the storage, manufacture and use of some single-use plastics.

Japan has made rulings for all convenience stores, supermarkets, drugstores and other retail outlets to charge for plastic shopping bags, in line with a global trend of reducing plastic waste to combat marine pollution. The initiative is aimed at encouraging shoppers to bring their own eco-friendly shopping bags.

Check out more.

Check out more.

Reusable shopping bags are not only the best option when compared to  single use plastic grocery bags but also more prettier and stylish option.

Today in the market, to encourage the use of reusable shopping bags, shopping bags come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, colours, prints, materials etc. depending on your usage and style you can pick the one that best suits you.

  1. No fear of tearing, carry confidently-Unlike the thin and very easily tearable plastic bags eco-friendly shopping bags are made with the materials like Cotton, Canvas and Jute, they often have ergonomic handles which make them more durable and easy an easy and comfortable carry as compared to plastic bags. These handles allow the user to carry the shopping bags with zero discomforts irrespective of the weight of the bag and it allows the user to pick up some more stuff.
  1. Re-usable Cotton shopping bags, Canvas shopping bags, Jute shopping bags or Paper bags are much more economical in the long run and we are talking about saving hundreds of dollars just because of their ability to last for a lifetime of around 50 Plastic bags. According to a survey, an average person uses 13,000 Plastic bags over his lifetime which will cost him around $800. But if he buys re-usable Eco-Friendly shopping bags, he would only need to get 26 of them to last a lifetime which will only cost him $26 to $50 for all 26 bags.
  2. Your little step to being a Fashionista.

A lot of celebrities have also put their best foot forward in promoting sustainable development. Plenty of stars from Leonardo DiCapario to Joaquin Phoenix have pledged support to helping our world, whether that be their involvement in environmental organizations or choosing to go vegan.

A lot of celebrities have been spotted sporting reusable shopping bags.

On a recent grocery run Sophia Bush packed her burlap Feed bag, which was not only an eco-friendly option, but its purchase (of the tote, that is) helped feed children in Kenya. Consider this the finest example of BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag).

Jessica Alba was also recently spotted sporting a reusable bag tote. Alba proved just how versatile her Honest Company’s Earth Day bag can be by packing it with park day essentials.

Jennifer Aniston was also spotted fancying a lovely eco friendly bag.

Naomi Watts traded in her car for a bike to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, a plastic bag for an eco-friendly Whole Foods tote, and a leather purse for a woven cross-body!

Anne Hathaway signs point to a green, healthy lifestyle for this expectant mom. Hathaway used a colourful netted bag and a sturdy canvas tote to hold all her produce during a recent Farmers’ Market run.

Olivia Wilde completed her casual, off-duty look with a graphic screen-printed eco-friendly canvas tote.


Is your canvas tote typically reserved for groceries works beyond the supermarket. Celebrity proof: Emma Roberts treated hers like a purse, which struck a nice contrast against her flirty chambray separates

Elizabeth Olsen, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Amanda Seyfried have also not been behind in following this trend, they have also been spotted sporting their fancy eco friendly shopping bags.

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Eco friendly Shopping bags are a trendier, sustainable, easy and stylish choice over those polluting polythene bags. Fall in step with world and the trending celebrities and replace your old and simple plastic bags with lovely, reusable and eco-friendly shopping bags from mfpa.

You are sure to find something for everybody!


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