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Everyone loves chic and tiny clutches until you have to go all day long without your essentials just because your favourite tiny bag did not fit them!
Make tote bags your friend if you are a person who loves to take care of yourself, your essentials and the people around you, when away from home.
With a tote bag in your hand, you do not need to worry about forgetting or going out without any essential. Canvas tote bags are not only a better option to carry along all your essentials for the day but also something that will make all heads turn!

MFPA is an organisation in which artists with incredible and unbelievable talent produce marvellous paintings but the most jaw dropping fact is that they make these paintings holding the brush in their mouth or feet, because they have either lost the ability to use their limbs either due to a birth deformity or an accident. MFPA supports these artists by reprinting the paintings made by them on various other products alongside tote bags! Your purchase will not only appreciate their incredible talent but also motivate these artists.

You can check out MFPA tote bags which can make your daily life so beautiful and easy and also motivate and appreciate the artists and their work.
Clink on the links below and do check out some amazing stuff which is unbelievably beautiful and useful in our daily lives that have been imprinted with an IMFP artist’s painting.

Abstract Blocks Tote Bag is a lovely and bright yellow colour tote bags with eye catching abstract blocks printed on the front leaving the other side a plain bright yellow. Click here to check out this lovely tote.

Butterflies Tote Bag is a fresh green tote bags with a cute print of butterflies on it. The flowers and the lovely butterflies on the bag will make you forget your Monday blues. Click here to buy this cute tote.

Ladybird Tote Bag will definitely be the cutest tote bag you have ever seen. With cute red ladybirds and green leaves, this tote is sure to attract everyone! Click to say hello to our Ladybird tote.

Love Birds Tote Bag is a fascinating tote. It has a lovely print of lovebirds sitting on a tree branch. The tote gives a fresh charm in the colour orange. Check it out here.

Peacock Art Tote Bag is an incredible tote with a peacock print on it. This tote looks extremely graceful in the colour lavender. Check out this beautiful tote here.
Be it the streets of London or Bombay tote bags are one the favourite accessories for many women.

Tote bags for women are a small home they carry with them everywhere. With many improvements and advancements in the fashion industry, today we have a lot of new categories and variation of tote bags online and in the market, like canvas tote bags, leather tote bags, printed tote bags and tote bags classified according to purpose as well, like tote bags for college or tote bags for office. And tote bags with zips are totally adored by women.
Tote bags and women have been an inseparable combination since forever. With its huge capacity and the quality to not only carry a lot of stuff but also add that special spark to your entire look is what makes tote bags an all-time favourite for women.
Those tiny cute and stylish bags might look very trendy and might even add to your chic look but once you are out of your home, you are sure to regret your choice of bag!
Being away from home means being away from comfort and people usually carry a lot of essentials in their bags to keep themselves comfortable all day long.
Whether it is a long day at office and you have to carry a lot of files, lunch etc or a simple evening out with friends shopping, you definitely need your bag to hold quite a lot.
Whether you have a lot to carry or have a log day at work Tote bags will solve all your problems and leave you hands free.
Right from making people turn, to you becoming the ‘have all’ in the bag! These impressive, spacious tote bags can carry your little home with you, right from your water bottle, to your makeup, from your files to your books, you can carry everything with you hands free!
Check out these beautiful college tote bags which will carry all your college stuff. Or even if it’s a shopping day we have something in store too, check out the collection of shopping bags.
The word ‘tote’ means ‘to carry’. The tote bag was first manufactured in the 1940s by L.L.Bean.back then it was used as an ice carrier. In the 1960s, the bag was reintroduced as a handbag with a lot of capacity that can be used to carry all the daily essentials. Over the years, the tote bag became a trendy accessory without which no women’s wardrobe is complete.

Add a spark of charm to your outfit and make heads turn.

Here are a few celebrities who just can’t go without their totes!

Be it the airport looks of many celebrities or their casual evening outs, a lot of celebrities these days have been spotted with tote bags. Right from Ananya Pandey, Gauri Khan, Twinkle Khanna, Shilpa Shetty, Priyanka Chopra, Kangana, Anushka, Deepika and many more were sported sporting their favourite tote bags and it did look very trendy and stylish!

Totes bags instantly scale up your style quotient and make you in step with the latest trends. So, if you are still confused where to begin from here’s the hint

Check out more.

Check out more.

The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, loves sporting her Everlane tan oversized tote made from Italian leather. Angelina Jolie, loves her black  Everlane bag too and it seems to be favourite travel bag!

Anne Hathaway’s suede Clare V. tote is the perfect carry-on item, it will fit a weekend worth of travel essentials and is a smart addition to her look.

Witherspoon was seen showing off her Southern sense of humor with this Draper James floral tote.

Emma Watson’s roomy leather Alexander McQueen tote is the perfect combination of elegance and functionality.

Jenifer Lopez’s favourite travel handbag is a Christian Louboutin spiked leather tote with the signature red lining the designer is famous for.

Amanda Seyfried’s favourite is her boxy tote in Bottega Veneta’s signature intrecciatoleather it is as roomy as it is classic. Plus, the adjustable size adds a feather to the cap.

With celebs from all over the world showing love for their tote bags why are you still left behind?

Pick up your favourite tote and make the world a runaway!

A long relationship!

Tote bags are made with high quality canvas or leather that makes sure that these bags accompany you everywhere carrying your little home with you for a long time. Tote bags are highly resistant to regular wear and  tear and can take all your long and heavy workdays comfortably with you.They can be easily cleaned by dry clean and can be refreshed looking new as day one, ready for more use!

If you are someone who is tired of changing bags quite often because they could not stand the regular wear and tear then these IMFPA tote bags are a  must have for you!

Carry your little home with you!

There are a lot of essentials which to be carried along when you are away from home.

And tote bags are super ready and all geared up to carry it all with you!

Tote bags are very spacious and can hold everything from your makeup to your files,

from your books to your lunch. Your wallet, cards, keys, phone and every other

essential you will need away from home can all be easily carried inside the tote bags!

Buy your luxurious and trendy tote bags today from IMFPA.

The Earth smiles back at you!

Yes! When you pick a leather tote bag or a canvas tote bag instead of plastic bags instead of plastic bags for shopping, or everyday use, you contribute towards a greener environment.

Plastic bags that take millions of years to decompose and when you substitute them with a leather or canvas bag a greener, healthier and cooler earth will smile back at you.

Cut down your major use of plastics by replacing your plastic  bags with these eco-friendly bags. You can check out our range of  IMFPA tote bags, canvas bags, tote bags for women and shopping bags, college bags and contribute towards a healthier future and also turn out more stylish than ever!


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