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Even though the world may be confined inside the four walls of their homes, fashion still knows no boundaries. With all sorts of work happening from home fashion and style has a new definition post the covid world. From choosing matching kurtas and shirts for outfits, women in India now also have to match masks as an addition to the entire look.

Women in India have not only embraced the new trends and styles of the fashion today but also have made it a part of their everyday routine now. Even though today women in India might be socially distant but they claim their social media posts keep their close ones updated about the style and trends they have embraced.

In line with the new fashion trends of women in India MFPA has come out with a range of very fashionable women products that are going to be the trendsetter for the year 2021 especially for the women in India.

With fashion and style redefined this year, MFPA brings to you products that keep you in pace with the latest trends and styles of women in India. Specially designed for the women in India

Mouth and foot painting Artist’s is an is an international registered organisation of specially abled artists. These artists of MFPA  are unique in their own way and possess no less than super human powers. The artists of MFPA have unfortunately lost their hands or feet either due to an accident or birth deformity. These amazing artist’s create unbelievable art with their mouth or feet. These unique artists create paintings by holding the paint brushes clenched with their teeth or held between their toes. What could have become their biggest weakness in life is now the strength of all the MFPA’s Artists.

With 800 plus artists from around 74 countries, the MFPA instils in its artists a sense of self-respect, confidence and dignity that comes from earning an independent, honest and secure livelihood through the sale of their artwork, free from any charity. MFPA, proudly runs with the motto of ‘self-help not charity’.

MFPA believes in style with comfort. We at MFPA know that women in India need to portray many roles in her day-to-day life, from being an employee at her work place to being a chef at her home to sometimes being the nurse the family wants. In all this, it is very essential for the women in India to be comfortable in her skin and also stylish and confident in every role life wants her to play. Hence, this range of ‘style meets comfort for the women in India’ especially includes products that are specially designed keeping in mind the women in India and the style and trends in India.

Apparels for women in India

T-shirts are not just a must have for all men and women, T-shirts are a must have in the survival kit for women in India! With so many stylish and complicated dresses, outfits etc in the market and in the current trends, T-shirts still remain the very favourite of every woman in India. Hence, we at MFPA bring to you the ‘women in India’ this amazing and unbelievable range of unisex T-shirts where comfort meets style.

These unisex T-shirts are what women in India want, perfectly comfortable and perfectly stylish and a perfect for you to slip into and portray every role perfectly. These are also very easy to style, pair these unisex T-shirts with your favourite jeans, or palazzos, trousers or even yoga pants or track pants to play different roles in just one Tee!

Each of these Unisex T-shirt has been printed with the reprints of an amazing original painting by a specially abled MFPA hero! Another reason for you to love these tees! Specially designed for the women in India.

Check out a few of these beautiful and comfortable unisex T-shirts specially designed keeping the women in India in mind that will make your life so much more easier.

  1. Hot Air Balloon Unisex T-Shirt– a very cute and trendy T-shirt and also a must have in the wardrobe of every women in India! A white Tee is a must have for all and what could be better if it has added cuteness to it! Specially designed for the women in India.
  2. Swoop Unisex T-Shirt–  Grey T-shirts have a different level of comfort and are everyone’s best friends especially when you in a mood for lazing around. For every women in india, Style this with our favourite jeans and you are good to go!
  3. Wave Lashing Lighthouse Unisex T-Shirt – The perfect black Tee anyone can wish for, just with an added element of style! Women in India, now Make heads turn pairing this with a blue jeans!
  4. Stay Calm Unisex T-Shirt – A reminder every women in India needs every day portraying so many roles. The lovely reindeer print is sure to steal the show! Couple it with your favourite bottoms and ace that look! Specially designed for the women in India.
  5. Rhythm Of Life Unisex T-Shirt– for the women in India who are red lovers out there we have got you covered!

Couple this beautiful red T-shirt with any of your favourite bottoms and create a magical outfit.

Unlike a man’s outfit, a woman’s outfit has equal weightage of apparels and accessories. Bags, jewellery, clutches, hair accessories, footwear etc are not just add-ons but a necessity of a complete look.

MFPA brings specially for the women in India a complete collection of accessories to complete her look perfectly!

No look is complete without a lovely clutch that matches with the outfit.

Check out MFPA’s range of Leather clutches, to find the perfect accessory to your look now. Specially designed for the women in India.

  1. Clutch (Black) – if you are looking for something that goes with every outfit here’s the match! You found it. The classic black leather clutch to complete all your looks. Specially designed keeping the women in india are their styles in mind.
  2. Clutch (Brown)– the smarty brown leather wallet is here to give a smart charm to all your looks. easy to carry, lots to hold this is a perfect to complete your looks. Specially designed keeping the women in india are their styles in mind.
  3. Clutch (Tan) – for the pastels lovers out there, we have something in store for you too! If most of your looks are made up of pastels and brown or black clutches are too dark as an add on to your entire look, here is the perfect solution! Specially designed keeping the women in India are their styles in mind.

Not every time can these tiny stylish clutches hold all your needs, especially in times of shopping when you have planned to shop till you drop. Here MFPA brings to you a stylish solution to organize your shopping trips in style for the women in india!

Shopping bags from MFPA

The shopping bags from MFPA are big enough to hold all your shopping, also easy to carry, and most importantly extremely stylish to accompany you on your fashion trips! Specially designed for the women in India

A perfect addition and accessory for your shopping trips.

  1. Embossed Shopping Bag – Space Grey – a lovely and unique colour. Carrying this will add a unique charm to your entire look. Specially designed keeping the women in India are their styles in mind.
  2. Embossed Shopping Bag – Pink– if you want your accessories to add a spark of brightness to your look, this one is a perfect match! This bag will not only make you stand out in the crowd but also will make heads turn. Specially designed for the women in India.
  3. Embossed Shopping Bag – Black– if you are a black lover, fear no more, we have something that will catch your ever too. Add this black shopping bag to your look and add a charm. Specially designed for the women in India.
  4. Embossed Shopping Bag – Blue– this royal blue shopping bag will not only help you shop in style but will also make you fall for this lovely colour every time. Specially designed for the women in India.
  5. Embossed Shopping Bag – Green– a fresh green shopping bag to add a spark of freshness to your look and shopping. Specially designed for the women in India

Tote Bags

A women’s look is said to be incomplete without her handbag.

A perfect bag should add a charm to your whole look adding a spark of brightness and at the same time should free your hands of holding addition items.

A tote bag is one of most convenient and comfortable style of a bag, its large size has room to accommodate all things from a working woman to a college student or even for a quick grocery shopping visit.

And above all what women in India love about tote bags is that they are never out of style! MFPA brings to you a collection of beautiful tote bags especially for the women in India, a collection women in India loves!

  1. Shades of Roses Tote Bag– a breathtakingly beautiful tote bag and a perfect accessory to add to your look. Now get organized in style with this lovely tote bags. If you are a floral patterns lover then this one is a must check out for you! Specially designed for the women in India
  2. Nautical Tote Bag– a lovely one to grab hold of! Don’t miss out on this beautiful tote bag. Specially designed for the women in India
  3. Colonial City Tote Bag– a lovely scenic printed tote bag that will add a charm of brightness to your entire look. Specially designed for the women in India
  4. Ladybird Tote Bag– this bright and cute tote bag is irresistible! And the colour scheme is sure to attract anyone. Specially designed for the women in India
  5. Peacock Art Tote Bag– the national bird of India couldn’t have been portrayed in a more beautiful manner. Fall in love with this peacock art tote bag, Specially designed for the women in India

With the perfect clothing on and the perfect accessories in hand now you are just one step away from stepping out in a perfect outfit!


With the current situation in Mind one gotta have a matching mask as the most essential accessory! Buying a mask not only protects you from viruses but germs, pollution, cold and a lot of other pollutants too. Buying a mask is extremely essential in the current scenario. Stay protected without compromising on your style with these MFPA masks! And their first priority will still always be protecting you, but in style! The masks protect you from dust particles, smoke, and pollutants too.

Now, stay protected in style with gorgeous masks from MFPA specially designed for the women in India!

    1. Mask 7 (Set of 2) – this set of lovely two bright floral masks are a must have!

    These masks will add a spark of brightness to your look! Perfect for women in India with respect to protection and style!

    1. Mask 8 (Set of 2) – This peacock themed masks combo is specially designed for the women in India keeping in mind their comfort, protection and style. Pair them up with your favourite outfits to create a colourful look!
    2. Mask 2 (Set of 2) – Add this lovely combo of cute leaves printed masks to your wardrobe and give your simple everyday looks a classy touch! Specially designed for the women in India
    3. Mask 4 (Set of 2) – this cool printed mask is a must have for summers! This is already giving out beachy and holiday vibes! Specially designed for the women in India
    4. Mask 3 (Set of 2) – The doodling cute print mask is adorable and a must have in the classic colour white. Specially made for women in India.


Now, with all geared up protected in style and comfort you are all set to go out, but just one last addition before you step up out in the world outside.

With your head held high and heels clicking, with eyes overflowing with confidence a women emits energy and positivity like nobody can. With so many roles to play she makes sure to ace all of them. Make sure when the world acts a little heartless, to wipe your own tears and to not wait for anyone to lend you a Handkerchief!

Handkerchiefs are an ideal way to make sure you still look perfect after a satisfying meal, or getting drenched in the rain. Wipe of that extra kajal or a smudged lipstick easily and mess free. MFPA Handkerchiefs are a must have in women’s handbag.


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