Elodie Cazes

Mouth Artist


Elodie Cazes


Born on 3 April 1979 in Agen, Elodie Cazes immigrated to New Zealand together with her family at the age of twelve. There she suffered a fracture of the cervical vertebrae at C1 and C6 when she hit head-first into a shallow pond. This injury resulted in her limbs becoming paralysed. During her stay at the hospital, she learned to paint with her mouth in the course of a therapy programme. She came to enjoy it very much. Later on, the mouth painting artist returned to France. She became a Student Member of VDMFK in the year 1997.

She became an Associate Member of the Association in 2009. Her paintings predominantly comprise typical subjects such as landscapes from New Zealand. In addition, her animal and flower themes are influenced by her long stay in New Zealand. Elodie Cazes mainly paints in acrylic. The great progress that she has made within a very short period has made it possible for Elodie to show her paintings at numerous exhibitions.