Frederik Stefanus Botha

Mouth Artist

South Africa

Frederik Stefanus Botha


Frederik Stefanus Botha was born in Pretoria on 26 August 1965. In 1983 the artist enrolled as a law student at the University of South Africa. After pursuing his studies for a period of two years, the mouth painter decided to join the police force where he intended to complete years three and four of his studies. In April 1986, he was involved in a car accident which left him a quadriplegic. He is not able to move his arms or feet at all. In 1991 the artist began painting by mouth. He became an autodidact and taught himself how to use his mouth for painting.

In 1993, Frederik Stefanus Botha became an AMFPA Scholarship Holder. Since 2011, he has had the status of an Associate Member. Frederik Stefanus Botha’s themes include typical South African landscapes, flowers and animals for which he prefers oil and watercolour painting techniques. His works have repeatedly attracted great attention from the public.