Giulio Volpin

Mouth Artist


Giulio Volpin


Giulio Volpin was born on 21 December 1966 in Padua, with deformed upper limbs (phocomelia). During his teenage years, he discovered his passion for painting. He then tried to paint with his mouth. He taught himself the techniques and progressed consistently, aided by his persistence and his will to live. Guided by Mario Barbujani (a member of the association) he perfected his talent. In 1983 Giulio Volpin was granted a scholarship by the AMFPA. This enabled him to become more intensively involved with painting. In 2001 he became an Associate Member of the Association.

Of special significance are his still lifes and flower motifs painted in oil, which Giulio Volpin creates using rich colours. These works have been presented to the public on the occasion of various personal and group exhibitions. In addition, Volpin has received several distinctions and awards for his extraordinary merits.