Guofu Huang

Mouth and Foot Artist


Guofu Huang


Huang Guofu was born in Chongqing on 9 June 1970. In 1974, at the age of four, he lost both arms as a result of an electric accident. Despite his adverse circumstances, Guofu completed his primary education and later on through years of self-study completed his secondary education. At the age of twelve, on his own initiative, be began painting and calligraphy with his feet. But after receiving the opinion that his paintings lacked elegance because of his technique, he taught himself to use the brush with his teeth. Mouth painting allowed him to paint with more detail. Guofu subsequently had the honour of studying painting in depth from great masters of the art. In his twenties, he studied under some very famous Chinese artists such as Wang Yiyang, Chen Mo, Hu Yichuan and Li Chenghan to name just a few.

He was, therefore, able to learn different forms of painting styles, especially “ink and water” painting technique. VDMFK offered him a scholarship in 2015 and became an Associate Member in 2018. Mr Guofu’s works have already been collected by hundreds of people, both in his home country and abroad. In 2010, he got the opportunity to attend the World Expo in Shanghai and was able to exhibit many of his paintings. The artists’ choice of motif is highly diverse and includes among other things, birds, animals, landscapes and typical buildings in his hometown of Chongqing.