Hisham Edghaim

Mouth Artist


Hisham Edghaim


Hisham Edghaim was born on 7 April 1958 in Bahrain. In 1976, one year before graduating from High School, Hisham had a diving accident which left him, quadriplegic, with his arms and legs completely paralysed. In 1982 he started painting with his mouth, a skill which he taught himself. In 1983 he moved to Sweden, where he further developed his painting skills by taking private lessons and attending seminars. Hisham Edghaim often chooses nature and landscapes as subjects for his works, with a special focus on his country of choice. Again and again, he paints winter landscapes and the coast thick with snow, with the black outline of a forest and the black edge of a rock at the entrance to a cave.

The procession of penguins outlined against the snowy mountains in the far north is also one of his favourite subjects. In 1986 Hisham Edghaim was granted a Scholarship by the Association. In the year 2000, he became an Associate Member of the AMFPA. This also gave him the opportunity to participate in exhibitions and show his work to a broad public. Not only the well-chosen themes and conceptions but also the artists’ skilled use of colours fascinates the viewer. The colours of his paintings are strong, independent and still perfectly fitting into the painting.