In-Suk Lim

Foot Artist

Republic of Korea

In-Suk Lim


Lim In Suk was born on 8 March 1970 in Pyong Tak. Eight months into birth he suffered a brain injury. Since then, he has been suffering from cerebral paresis and can therefore not use his limbs. For this reason, he learnt at a very early stage to use his feet to fulfil the daily tasks. At the age of seven, Lim In Suk started drawing and painting with his left leg. In order to learn the technique he participated in a distance education painting programme in Seoul. From 1988 to 1991 he was taught by the famous portrait painter Yoon Ho.

Just a year later, he was granted a stipend by the association. In 2000, he became an associated member of the AMFPA. Lim In Suk’s favourite motifs are portraits. He also likes painting landscapes. He mainly uses oil colours. The foot painter has often been successful with his work. He was awarded at several solo and group exhibitions. Besides painting, Lim In Suk is fond of literature. One of his hobbies is writing poems which he types with his feet.