Mario Barbujani

Mouth Artist


Mario Barbujani


Born on May 22, 1956, in Rovigo, Mario Barbujani was with paralyzed arms and deformed feet by birth. He began to learn the art of painting as an autodidact. With great will and passion, he has succeeded in going his own way, even if this path is paved with anguish difficulties as well as with both pleasant and sad events. They have shaped his character and his extremely individual way of expressing himself. His paintings show a world of fear and great hope. He mastered traditional Italian art – the tendency toward decorative, beautiful pictures – in its entirety. With his pictures, whose themes are, for the most part, his beloved figures, landscapes and flowers; Mario Barbujani sees the world without haste and, with the aid of details, understands what is important in life.

In doing so, he has discovered the most hidden secrets and, thanks to his hard work, caused by emotional suffering, he has achieved what no one had ever dared to consider. In 1988 Mario Barbujani became a member of the association after having received a 10-year scholarship. As a member, he was given the opportunity to participate in numerous exhibitions and even to organize one-man exhibitions in large Italian cities.