Prashant Vasant Kamble

Mouth Artist


Prashant Vasant Kamble


Prashant Vasant Kamble was born on 5 July 1990 in Karnataka. He was an Indian Army Soldier before his accident. During active duty in 2014, Prashant was involved in an accident leading to a spinal cord injury which resulted him in a quadriplegic condition for life. Currently retired from service, he is confined to a wheelchair, staying at the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre in Pune. 

Prashant first tried to paint with his mouth in 2013, after which he never looked back. Now, he is confidently pursuing his newly found passion under the guidance of MFPA artist Manoj Bhingare. He joined MFPA as a member in 2020. Prashant mostly works with acrylic on canvas and his themes vary from the landscapes, flowers and still life. For Prashant, painting is the one motivation that drives him to explore the unexplored.