Raymond Hickey

Mouth Artist

New Zealand

Raymond Hickey


Born on 29 October 1941 in Auckland, Raymond Hickey suffered an injury to the spinal column in a road accident, leaving him completely paralysed, at the age of twenty-five. He spent several years in a number of hospitals, and it was during this time that he made his first attempts at painting. In 1990 he was given a scholarship by the Association, becoming an Associate Member in a year and a Regular Member in 2000.

Raymond Hickey prefers the subjects of the traditional New Zealand landscapes, which he depicts in the impressionist style. In addition, he likes to paint flowers, portraits and occasionally the sea, mainly using oil and watercolour techniques. In addition, Raymond organises regular exhibitions with local artists from Howick. Alongside painting, Raymond Hickey is interested in music, composing at his computer, which he occasionally also uses for painting.