Ruth Christensen

Mouth Artist


Ruth Christensen


Ruth Christensen was born on 12 February 1929 in Lynge. At the age of eleven, Ruth lost both arms up to the elbow in an accident. In her youth, she attended the arts and crafts school in Copenhagen. She then worked in an advertising agency as a graphic artist for a number of years. Back then she had already found her own style in floral and Nordic Christmas motifs. She designed a Christmas welfare stamp for the Royal Danish Post and a Christmas card for the European Council in Strasbourg in 1992. Aside from her job as a graphic artist, Ruth Christensen began mouth painting with an ambitious artistic language. Her colourful and expressive floral pieces, still lifes and landscapes are her preferred subjects. She also likes to express the refraction of water.

In doing so, she uses glasses filled with water which optically refracts branches and flower. She also enjoys painting children, animals and the Christmas spirit in various techniques. She generally paints with watercolour or oil. Thanks to her numerous works, she has already been able to participate in numerous exhibitions. Ruth Christensen has been a Member of the Association since 1982. In 1992 she was elected to the Board of the AMFPA which she is still a part of today.