Shifna Sherin

Foot Artist


Shifna Sherin


Shifna Sherin Latheef is a foot artists and a student of class 8th. Shifna is 13 years old and resides in the state of Tamil Nadu. She was born and bought up in a small town named Gudalloor in Chennai.
Shifna’s family consists of four members, her mother, father, younger brother, and younger sister. She is the eldest of the siblings in the family. Shifna’s mother is a proud homemaker and her father is a driver.
Shifna’s mother always encouraged her to pursue her passion, she is her first teacher and Shifna has learned everything from her. Shifna says “When I was in lower kindergarten, my mother encouraged me to participate in drawing competitions in which I won the first prize. I used to draw as a kid, but now I’ve been learning it professionally for one year.” Shifna has participated in a lot of competitions and won prizes.

Shifna is a newly added provisional artist to the MFPA family. Even though born without arms Shifna never let it stop her. She always embraced life with a smile on her face. She says she has no regrets and no complaints, she is just trying to improve and stand on her own feet. The optimistic and ‘never give up’ attitude of this artist is truly admirable!