Stanislaw Kmiecik

Mouth and Foot Artist


Stanislaw Kmiecik


Stanislaw Kmiecik was born without arms. Born on 2 November 1971 in Kleczany, he began to paint with his mouth and foot at the age of five. Over the following years, he developed his skills on his own and was able to make great progress. His many paintings display strong emotions, revealing a talent that goes beyond average creativity. In 1989 the artist became an MFPA Scholarship Holder and in 2005 was made an Associate Member of the Association. Stanislaw’s favourite media are oil, pastel, watercolour, acrylic, tempera and pencils.

He has a great liking for landscapes in familiar surroundings, still lifes, nudes and surrealistic paintings with personally very strongly felt metaphysical moods. Even the calm and very accurate studies of buildings and architecture are very convincing because of their simplicity and their splendour. The artist prefers to paint in “plain-air”, i.e. directly in the landscape.