Steven Paul Chambers

Mouth Artist

Great Britain

Steven Paul Chambers


Steven Paul Chambers was born on 26 November 1961 in Denham. He suffers from arthrogryposis syndrome, a disease affecting the muscles and joints. He, therefore, has only very limited use of his arms and legs. Since his grandfather worked as an artist, Steven Paul Chambers developed a very early interest in art as a little boy. His parents encouraged his artistic activities and helped him realise that just because he was disabled did not mean that he could not develop his creative abilities. After finishing school he began to study art at Amersham Art College, where he met a nurse who drew his attention to the Association in 1980.

It was only some two weeks after this introduction, the AMFPA granted him a scholarship and Steven Paul Chambers went on to become an Associate Member of the AMFPA in 1995. Steven Paul Chambers prefers painting landscapes in an impressionistic style with coastal landscapes being his particular favourites. As a mouth painting artist, he is a master of all painting techniques, but he most frequently paints in watercolour. Steven also has numerous hobbies including keeping reptiles, breeding birds, building go-carts and repairing car engines.