Cristóbal Moreno-Toledo

Mouth Artist


Cristóbal Moreno-Toledo


Born on 21 June 1941 in Cordoba, Cristóbal Moreno Toledo has suffered from muscular dystrophy since birth. He began painting and writing with his mouth in elementary school. With great commitment he continued to self educate him in art. Later on Cristóbal Moreno Toledo took a correspondence course at the Parramon Institute in Barcelona. His style of paintings is impressionistic with wide brush strokes, open and generous, with lots of paints and warm colours in forms that move towards expressionism. He chooses his subjects, ranging from landscapes and portraits to nudes, instinctively; sketching, oil painting, engraving and watercolour are the techniques he prefers. Cristóbal Moreno Toledo is also a writer.

He has written a number of poetry books, stories and short narratives. He also creates engraved works and pottery. In 1963 he received a scholarship from the association. Just two years later he became a member of the VDMFK which gave him the chance to present his works to the public by participating in numerous exhibitions organized by the association and in private exhibitions. Cristóbal is happy to pass on his knowledge and skills to others. To this day he has led several drawing and painting courses for artists who paint with their mouth or foot.