Yu- Chen Lin

Mouth Artist


Yu- Chen Lin


Yu Chen Lin was born on 14 September 1963 in Yunlin County. In 1991 Yu Chen Lin had a grave electric accident on a construction site, which resulted in his arms having to be amputated above the elbows. He also lost his hearing. Encouraged by his family and friends, he started to learn to do mouth painting in 1994. Subsequently, he became increasingly involved in calligraphy and painting. Henceforth he strove to improve his artistic skills. In 1998 he became a Student Member of the Association. He was granted Associate Membership of VDMFK in 2010.

Today painting has become part of his life. With his mouth, he copies canonical writings and writes recitations of Buddhism, paints Guanyin-Bodhisattwa (the goddess of empathy) as well as traditional Chinese landscape, flowers and birds. He can both use his mouth and foot. For his artistic achievements, he won the honorary title “Disabled Person of Distinction” in Taiwan. He received prizes for his paintings in Taiwan and Japan.