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Most people’s days begin with their hand reaching out for a mug filled with streaming coffee or tea.

Even though we do not realize the importance of the little things in our lives, sometimes these little things do have a big impact on us. Coffee mugs are our first companions for the day and what could be better if your day’s first companion can motivate and uplift you?

Most people pay a lot of attention to their mugs and have it customized with a special message or picture. There are a lot of varieties of mugs available online and In the market and to choose the best one is your duty!

Having a cute and aesthetic coffee mug with a picture or quote that motivates you for the rest of the day is the best thing you can own to make your mornings better!

Mouth and Foot painting Artists is an organisation that runs with the motto of ‘self-help not charity’. This organisation trains and supports specially abled people to paint with their mouth or feet, and supports and helps enhance the skill of those specially abled persons who are already good at this skill.

MFPA supports and gives these talented artists a platform that will not only showcase their incredible talent to the world but also helps them earn respect and livelihood through selling their artworks.

Do check out coffee mugs imprinted with paintings of these incredible artists here.

Check out our 10 bestseller mugs!

  1. Birds & Trees- a lovely coffee mug for the nature lovers to start their day with. A cute bird sitting on a branch of a tree. Check it out here.
  2. Blue Eyed Cat- for the cat lovers or cat moms we have this pretty piece with a cute little pretty blue eyed kitten on the coffee mug. Click here to paw it now!
  3. House Beside The Stream- a breath taking scenery to refresh your morning like never before. This mug will add to the beautiful crockery in your kitchen. Click here to have a look.
  4. Golden Gate Bridge another lovely piece of coffee wear you definitely will fall for. Check it out here.
  5. Metropolis- the ancient architecture and mesmerizing colour scheme of this mug will take you to a different world while you sip your coffee. Have a look at it here.
  6. Puppy- for the puppy lovers out there this puppy face mug will melt your heart and the stress of your day like no other thing. Grab it now!
  7. Roses Everywhere- A beautiful floral printed pattern mug that will steal your heart every morning. The colour scheme is to fall for! Check it out here.
  8. Different Strokes- A fresh and vibrant yellow themed mug to refresh your mood for the day and the painting on it is just mesmerizing. Add yours to the cart now.
  9. Sunflowers- lovely sunflower themed mug to brighten up your day like no other thing! This is going to be your very favourite piece of crockery at home. Buy now here.
  10. Village in Winter- this colourful and lovely themed mug is love at first sight, we promise. Check it out here soon.

Guide to selecting the perfect coffee mug

Having a perfect Coffee mug is as important as having that perfectly tasting coffee or tea to begin the day well.

Choosing the perfect coffee or tea mug can have a dramatic impact on how you enjoy your favourite times. To many manual coffee brewers drinking coffee is more than just a daily habit, it is a ritual and a favourite coffee cup is part of that everyday ritual.

With this guide now, choosing the best mug is no longer a huge task. You already have the checklist, all you need to do is check which mug checks off the most points and grab it!

Just like no two coffees taste same, people’s choices for their coffee mugs differ too, but these are the basic ground rules to check for before you purchase your coffee mugs for the best and a lasting experience.

1. What the Mug is made of?

Mugs are made with a lot of materials. In market mugs made of glass, copper, plastic, porcelain, stainless steel, ceramic etc are available. It is up to individual choice to choose what material for the mug one would prefer according to the requirement. Most preferred mugs are ceramic mugs. Most ceramic mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, are durable and are quite pretty to sit on your kitchen shelves or to drink coffee out of.

Drinking a beverage from a metallic mug like copper or steel alters the taste slightly and hence due to this reason most people do not prefer metallic mugs.

2. What shape of a mug suits you the best.

People tend to hold their coffee mugs in different ways, from the handle, cupping with both hands or holding it with just one hand without using the handle etc.

The shape of the coffee mug will have a huge impact on its functionality and if it is right for you. A giant coffee mug will not be a good fit for someone who drinks small cups of coffee, a tall skinny mug will not be ideal for someone who drinks a lot of coffee and a shallow mug with a large mouth would be less than ideal for someone who likes their coffee warm but does not drink it fast.

Coffee mugs also come in a variety of shapes and styles. And some of the most popular styles of coffee mugs are:-

  1. Latte mug
  2. Coffee Mug
  3. Tall mug
  4. Bell mug
  5. Square mug
  6. Cube mug
  7. Large mug
  8. Tampered mug
  9. Enamel mug

Check it out here

You can choose the size and shape that best suits you according to your requirements.

Factors that also should be taken care of while choosing a coffee mug is keeping in mind about the, mouth width, lip shape, volume, external shape, wall thickness and internal shape of the mug.

Check it out here

3. General Aesthetics

A lot of people in the world take their coffee mugs very seriously, some people even have the hobby of collecting coffee mugs and that is all because these mugs look cute, stylish and very aesthetic in your hands and your kitchen shelves. Even though we mention the looks of your mug on the last priority, it is a known fact that the first mug to catch your eye is what counts!

While shape, design, colour and material all deserve their own category for consideration, they also fall under the broader category of aesthetic appeal. How a piece of coffee ware looks should be a major factor when choosing a coffee mug. You must have a coffee mug that brings you joy!

Today the market is filled with coffee mugs with lovely quotes imprinted on them, with pictures of family, loved ones, great memories etc just because coffee mugs hold a great place in everyone’s lives.

Choose your favourite mug from our collection here and enjoy happy sipping!


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