Art to Heart

Save the date for our upcoming ‘Art to Heart’ Exhibition, which aims to showcase the rich dimensions of diverse talent contained within our mouth and foot artists.
They say ‘Seeing is Believing’ and that’s exactly what you have to do to fathom how exquisite masterpieces are created by our artists.
Artists Centre, Mumbai.

30th October – 3rd November 2019

11:00 am to 7:00 pm


AccessAbilities Expo 2019, Dubai

Indian Mouth and Foot Painting Artists is proud to be a part of AccessAbilities Expo which is the largest dedicated event in the Middle East to empower people of determination. The event will showcase an array of paintings by our artists along with imfpa’s premium merchandise. You can also interact with some of our artists who will be present at the event.

Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Cen

5th November, 2019


Art Exhibition at Bombay Art Society

With another bright collection of paintings from IMFPA artists, the exhibition is to be held at the Bombay Art Society, Bandra west. The works will show varied perspectives and techniques but common among them will be the reflection of  passion for art. More than 70 original and limited edition paintings and IMFPA merch will be available.

Bombay Art Society, Bandra west, Mumbai.

4th-5th January, 2020


Artist’s Meet- Bangalore

For another blithe get away for IMFPA artists, Artist meet this year is to be held in Bangalore. The event will be solely for the recreation of the artists, mentally, physically, and creatively. It is a step in taking them away from their daily lives. These few days will see events and day outs with a day dedicated to painting and exhibition.

21st- 23rd February, 2020