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Artist’s Meet 2019 – Goa

June 18, 2019 |

Gatherings are always for a reason. Our annual artist’s meet was a major getaway to the artists from the monotonous ways. There was friendship, leisure, and creativity at its best. Every one of them shined bright! 

Our Artists Meet for this year was held in one of India’s most sought after and scenic tourist destinations – Goa. Bambolim Beach Resort located in North Goa proved to be a gracious abode for our artists during their five-day visit. With its picturesque oceanic view, secluded stretch of sand and rocks and towering coconut trees swaying with the very passing gush of wind, it was the perfect place for some time off.

After an early arrival and breakfast, the first day was left to the artists for leisure. The day was spent socialising with each other creating a productive and creative atmosphere. The energy and excitement when like-minded souls meet was all-around inspiring everyone present.  The high-point of the evening was the visit to Bambolim beach. Nothing could have been more serene than enjoying the sunset accompanied by a light breeze. Getting into the water was unavoidable for everyone. Well! the sea never disappoints. Later into the night, our artists were delighted by traditional Goan dance performances. Art inspires art, always!  

Bright sun and soothing sea chills made way into the second day, which started of with a photo session and a familiarising session on IMFPA in the hotel conference hall. The artists were then treated to a Warli Art Workshop by Rohita Elizabeth Varghese – a freelance interior and product designer, who over the past 21 years has made traditional arts as a key part of her design projects. The session was an artfully interactive one with getting the artists involved in creating a Warli painting together.  The eventful day was brought to a close by the artists visiting the Baga beach and dinner under the moonlight by the seashore. 

The following day was packed with introspective sessions held by The AHA Movement- it is explained as the moment of personal understanding to a joyful perspective to life. They threw light on the importance of having a carpe diem attitude. The sessions gave artists a direction to look into themselves to understand their true organic potential and importance. Self-love and confidence were advised upon. Artists gave positive affirmations and support to each other.

It also gave recommendations on how artists could channel their energy in a way that would ultimately help them increase their artistic endeavors. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this was one of the most fulfilling days of the entire sojourn. The evening was the most fun-filled one with a pool session. Everyone was at ease enjoying the water without any restraints. 

The last day was about embracing their talents. Our artists did what they love doing – Paint! A live demonstration along with a small exhibition was held for the people in Goa where they could watch and interact with our mouth and foot artists. Ms. Frederika Menezes, Goan poet, author, and artist, visited as the chief guest. She is an advocate of the baselessness of the idea of normalcy. Someone like Ms. Frederika is a wave of change and a new outlook to all. Everyone well embraced each other.

Later that evening, the artists visited the renowned Basilica of Bom Jesus for a spiritual visit, after which they enjoyed some downtime with high tea. 

Some experiences are worth savoring throughout our lives. For our artists, this getaway was like a breath of fresh air. Seeing the lights, shades, and colors more clearly. Like tasting a sweet part of life.

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