A shopping experience you will always remember! Here is a collection of heartfelt, gorgeous and mesmerizing products adorned with artworks painted by our uniquely talented and differently-abled artists. Painting their hearts out on blank canvases and retouching them with the enchanting strokes of their paintbrushes, our mouth and foot painting artists see life through the filter of art! Every purchase you make here is sure to add an aesthetic vibe to your personality while enabling our artists to lead a proud, independent life. So, shop your heart away!

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Products with IMFPA

We at MFPA value your time. We know how important time is for you and hence we bring to you a one-stop destination for all your needs. From tote bags to men’s wallets, from polo t-shirts to landscape painting and from coasters to notebooks we have it all here! MFPA is a very special organization as MFPA sells works of artist who paint either with their mouth or feet. A birth deformity or an accident has left the MFPA artist’s hands unusable.

MFPA trains such individuals to use their hands or feet to create masterpieces that will decorate your homes. Each MFPA product, be it a notebook or tote book, a unisex t-shirt or coasters, all the MFPA products have the reprint of the MFPA artist’s original painting on it which he/she has painted with his mouth or feet. MFPA to brings you a wide range of products from stationary, collectibles, kids, appeals, kids and accessories.


MFPA brings to you a range of Apparels printed with MFPA Artist’s painting. These apparels look breathtaking beautiful with these MFPA artist’s paintings on them.

These MFPA apparels are sure to steal your heart in the very first glance.

Get people talking with these beautiful and amazing MFPA apparels.


You can shop for beautiful printed masks from MFPA and you will never forget them at home!

These masks are so pretty they will compliment your entire look and will make you look very stylish.

Match these with your favorite Kurtas, suits or western outfits and go out stylish and safe.

Polo t-shirts

In our apparels category you will find some very smart and comfortable polo t-shirts. No men’s wardrobe is complete without a few basic polo t-shirts and your wardrobe is giving to love these ones!


You will also find some breathtaking beautiful handkerchiefs that have a beautiful painting by MFPA artists. People are sure to ask you where you got these beautiful tiny pieces of art work from! Flaunt them with pride!


MFPA also brings to you a pretty collection of socks that have a beautiful print on them which you will not want to hide inside you shoes!

Unisex t-shirts

Unisex t-shirts are the go to option for almost everyone irrespective of gender, age etc. you can wear them anywhere and pair with your casual favorite jeans to give a casual look or a pair of trousers for your relaxes evening.
These unisex t-shirts have a very attractive print on them which will never let you get bored with them.


Every nook and corner of your home and office deserves to be decorated well. Be it a simple corner table or a boring wall. MFPA collectibles will decorate the wall or table which seemed boring early and we assure you that will be the most attractive corner or wall in your house!
We offer our collectibles paintings by our MFPA Artist as desktop paintings and mounted canvas with easel.

Desktop paintings

Study tables and office tables or even meeting tables are considered very boring because the only have files, notes books and a pen on them. You can now spice up your tables with these attractive and charming desktop paintings. They come with a back-stand that makes it convenient for you to make it stand on the table. You will never look away from your table once one of these sits on it!

Mounted canvas with easel

Another category of paintings is canvas paintings which, come mounted on an easel. Imagine these standing in one of the corners of your drawing room or office rooms, it would look so majestic!
The beautiful painting is made by an MFPA artist with his hands or feet. Hence every time you look at it get filled with positivity, motivation and hope!


MFPA is all about artist’s and their mesmerizing stories painted by their hands or feet.
You are sure to find many categories of paintings to decorate your office and home spaces beautifully.
MFPA offers Original paintings and reprints.

Original paintings

Original paintings are the original masterpieces of the MFPA artist made using their hands or feet. These are unique, beautiful paintings and once you look at them you will not look away for a long time!


Reprints are the reprints of the original painting by MFPA artists. They come in a lot of categories limited edition and open edition and you can choose from a wide variety of prints and options.

Limited edition

Some of the categories or genres which sell like hot cakes and are also limited edition are abstract paintings, one of the most loved category. Animals and birds paintings for you if you are an animal lover, floral paintings for the nature and floral lovers out there, these paintings will add a spark of freshness to your home.
We also have devotional paintings with lovely scenes from the Radha Krishna love story or of different gods and goddesses and Jesus Christ.
You are also sure to find some refreshing figurative paintings, some Indian art paintings ready to add a spark of desi touch to your homes.
And lastly, landscape paintings, the paintings are extremely loved and widely bought. Add a spark of nature, of green fields and blue rivers, of open skies and rice fields and some beautiful sunsets and roadside views with these landscape paintings to your office or home.

Open edition

Under the open edition category, you will find beautiful prints and paintings of transportation, abstract art, animals and birds, for children, devotion, fantasy, figurative, floral, Indian art, landscape, sketches, sports, and still life.
These beautiful artworks are perfect for gifting but you will not want to gift it to someone else after you have a glance of these!


Whether you a fan of pretty notebooks or looking for beautiful greeting cards you will find all of these here with beautiful reprints of paintings by MFPA artists!
MFPA brings to you a collection of beautiful pens.
We know how important it is for everyone to carry a pen with them and what could be better if you can’t stop showing off your pen?
These pens from MFPA are so useful and pretty you won’t be able to stop writing.
Calendars may be outdated but with these pretty and beautiful calendars you will never stop looking at them!
We have wall and desktop calendars and you can choose the one that fits you requirements perfectly.
Imagine these beautiful prints on gift envelopes, how beautiful they would look! Wish granted!
Now MFPA also has gift envelopes with same beautiful prints on them, these are sure to make everyone crazy.
For all your gifting needs we have a range of pretty gifting supplies from gift envelopes to gift tags and bookmarks and also greeting cards. You name it and we have it. With these breathtaking gifting supplies from MFPA your gifts are sure to stand out in the eyes of everyone. But gifting supplies from MFPA and make your gifts stand out and unforgettable.
We also have a range of beautiful memo pads and notebooks with a MFPA artist’s work on it. Every time you use it people are surely going to stare!
You are going to love our range of stationary supplies from MFPA, do check them out!
Notecards, pen stands and post cards are also available on our website. You can choose a pretty pen stand to stand out on your office or study table and you will fall in love with it more each day.

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