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MFPA has reusable Shopping Bags for Everybody. So, once we all figure out how important it is to replace our plastic bags with reusable cloth bags you will definitely regret not having enough shopping bags at home but with MFPA online shopping you don’t need to worry. Now you can order from the comfort of your home and can get your MFPA shopping delivered at your doorstep.

Best of all, we offer great prices on reusable shopping bags — so you can afford to do more than your part by handing them out to clients, customers, guests, and friends. Doing so helps spread the word about why we should use reusable shopping bags.
They can also be a perfect gift for anyone and they are gonna love it, cause who doesn’t shop? And something which makes shopping easier is definitely going to be very loved by all.

Best of all, we offer great prices on reusable shopping bags — so you can afford to do more than your part by handing them out to clients, customers, guests, and friends. Doing so helps spread the word about why we should use reusable shopping bags.
They can also be a perfect gift for anyone and they are gonna love it, cause who doesn’t shop? And something which makes shopping easier is definitely going to be very loved by all.

Shopping Bag Designs

The MFPA shopping bags are designed in a way to make their usage extremely easy. They are quite big in size and spacious. Designed with a beautiful MFPA artist’s work engraved on its front giving it a stylish edge over the other shopping bags in the market.

MFPA shopping bags measure, 16 inches in height and 20 inches in length. Each MFPA shopping bag has two strong handles which are built in a way to hold your shopping goods weight easily without any wear and tear and also taking care that your hands are not burdened.

These MFPA shopping bags are quite smart, their synthetic material makes them easy to clean, they are waterproof too and come with an elegant design, what more would a dedicated hardcore shopaholic want? This is like a heaven for all shopaholics!

Types of Shopping bags

The material we use for our shopping bags is reliable and you need not worry about the material as it is made with high quality fabric which does not led to the tearing up of the so easily, it’s easy on your hands and has a lot of storage.

It is spacious enough to carry all your shopping easily and in style. These shopping bags are offered in some very stylish variant colors like blue, green, brown, pink and purple. You can choose the color you want and walk out of the grocery store hands free with these stylish bags and turn heads.

Usability of shopping bags

The mfpa shopping bags are made with synthetic fabric and waterproof too. They have a wide zipped opening to keep your valuable shopping safe from getting wet in the rain, or any items slipping away. They are so stylish and comfortable to carry your monthly boring grocery visits are going to seem fun with an mfpa shopping bag in hand!

Each shopping bag has a beautiful unique mfpa artist’s made design on it which is made with his or her mouth or feet. The products you buy from MFPA will help these differently abled artists become independent and recognized. So when you flaunt an MFPA shopping bag flaunt it with not only style but also pride that it has such a special painting of an artist painted with mouth or feet and will give him her wings of his own to fly to and fulfill their dreams!
To be flaunted with pride!

Why choose MFPA?

We have a clear answer! MFPA supports the livelihood of artists who have lost their ability to use their hands by training them to become accomplished painters who strive hard to create breathtaking paintings. These paintings are then digitized and adapted onto merchandise that you will simply love! We have something for everyone, from kids to adults that can enjoy our merchandise and support a noble cause at the same time. The purchases you make from MFPA will support these artists and their families.

Shop from the comfort of your home by ordering from the imfpa website and get the products delivered on your doorstep without stepping out from your house. Check out some of our favorite shopping bags!

Shopping bags with MFPA

Shopping now gets relaxed with these quirky and smart shopping bags by mfpa. Spacious to convenience, these bags leave no box unchecked! The bag carries an embossed design made by an MFPA artist. Now shop knowing you are making someone’s life a little better with each purchase.

These shopping bags are quite big and spacious enough to store all that you have shopped for without the worry of it being torn due to the heavy weight or withering away soon.

Why shopping bags?

Shopping is not always a choice or gender restrictive. Everybody shops at some point or the other, either for personal needs or home needs or something else. And often at the counter we are left with a guilt, paper or plastic bag? And whatever you choose the money gets add to your bill and this is the guilt story of every shopping trip repeating itself since years.
And to solve this problem and reduce your monthly expenses MFPA has a solution! We bring to you a range of shopping bags that can hold all of your purchases and leave your hands free and you comfortable. Reusable shopping bags are not just a trendy way to carry your groceries as you walk home from the super market sipping your coffee. There are actually many reasons why using reusable shopping bags is the perfect way to carry your groceries and other shopping.

Many jurisdictions in the world have implemented mandatory fees for plastic bags in stores and ramped up recycling efforts for single-use plastic products including plastic bags. Using a reusable cloth bag is the best of the best options you can opt for, not only you but your pocket & the environment too. The next time the cashier at your favorite super market asks whether you prefer “paper or plastic” for your purchases, consider giving the truly eco-friendly, budget friendly and better response saying, “neither” and bring out your super stylish, trendy and comfortable mfpa shopping bag!

There are also a number of reasons to convince you to use these cloth bags rather than plastic bags. There are a number of reasons. From their production to their lack of recyclability to their tendency to end up in landfills — or worse, out of them — and the many years they take to decompose, plastic bags pose many problems when it comes to the environmental well-being and pose a serious threat.
The worst scenario is the serious damage plastic does to the environment. Plastic bags not only litter the landscape but also kills thousands of marine animals every year that mistake the floating bags for food and also many stray animals like dogs and cats. Plastic bags that are buried in landfills take thousands of years to break down, and in the process, they separate into smaller and smaller toxic particles that contaminate soil and water in return polluting our groundwater. Furthermore, the production of plastic bags consume millions of gallons of oil that could be used for fuel and heating purposes.

However, paper bags are in every way better than plastic bags, but are not the best option available. Paper bags avoid some of the pitfalls of plastic bags because paper bags can be recycled and take less time to decompose if they do not make it to a landfill. Paper bags are made either from trees, which are much more important to conserve and take longer to grow back, or from recycled material, which takes a lot of energy to produce in both the cases it requires a lot of time, energy and resources hence trees need to be conserved and cannot be cut down for paper bags.
No matter your intentions, you are still choosing “wrong” if you are choosing plastic — because there is a better option out there: a reusable grocery bag by mfpa! A growing movement around the world motivates consumers to purchase and bring their own reusable shopping bags to stores. While they cost a little more up, there are still many benefits of reusable bags. Firstly, of course reusable bags stand nowhere to the water and land pollution-causing plastic bags.

When talking about the higher price of usable shopping bags we also need to consider that each time you go for shopping you need to buy a shopping bag, sometimes even twice a day. Whereas, investing in a reusable cloth bag is a one-time investment and you do not need to buy any more plastic bags for as long as this bag lasts… which means counting years! Definitely a better investment than plastic bags in every way!

Last Updated on :January 18, 2022

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Experience hands free shopping with these spacious and smart MFPA shopping bags, which are waterproof, easy to maintain and preserve and are long lasting.

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