Splashes of Hope – An Art Exhibition

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Art is a feeling and the more you explore it you share the purpose with the creators and spectators. It is an experience that transports us to a parallel universe with no barrier to thoughts and actions. It is an experience of understanding each other without judgments, were everyone related starts off from the same page. A process of mutual growth and healing!

Splashes of Hope was the first event of 2020 and MFPA started it on a very pleasant note. Held on the 11th and 12th of January, it was organised at the Bombay Art Society under the sponsorship of Artisana, a fellow artist. The two-day exhibition was an ethereal event with over 50 paintings and live painting segments with two MFPA artists. The event was inaugurated by the renowned actor of the Indian film industry, Gulshan Grover, who has over 400 films under his name. For someone newly exposed to MFPA art, he was clearly in awe! 

So were the others! It took everyone by surprise to learn that the paintings were made by differently-abled artists with their mouth or foot. The sheer intelligence and creativity which could easily challenge a normal artist were evident in the paintings. Each painting had a voice that resonated out to its viewers individually while echoing its artist’s shadow. 

Visitors warmly watched as the artists Nadeem Shaikh and Bandenawaz Nadaf showed off their skills. It was indeed spectacular to watch them create art, as if it completes them, with easiness and calmness. The MFPA souvenirs desk was another attraction of the whole exhibition. Products varied from stationeries, calendars, mugs, t-shirts and more, embossed with paintings. Overall, it was worth every moment spent!

Splashes of Hope was in whole, an affair that was not just about the ‘wow’- factor but also about the exchange of emotions, thoughts and beliefs. At the end of the day, it is the realisation that there is nothing that can stop us from dreaming high.


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