Spring in the Garden


The happiest season of the year, Spring, is like a kid at a party! The one who’s always bursting with joy and bringing happiness to others around! The refreshing pleasure that comes with this season cannot be hidden in an envelope; it always bursts and spreads its wings! The Cherry Blossom tree stands tall and unfurls its romantic beauty through the fence. It blooms with all the love and sweeps the surroundings into its cheerfulness.

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Capacity750 ml
Care InstructionsClean your copperware by hand and avoid dishwasher. Use pitambari powder to clean copper utensils and wipe with soft cotton cloth
Tarnish and Corrosion free, Attractive Printed Design, 100% pure copper, leak Proof/Spill free
Ideal UsageWater Stored Over Night In Copper Utensil Is Essential For Hemoglobin Synthesis, Bone Strength And Immunity Building.


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