About MFPA’s duffle bags

MFPA brings to you a fantastic and unique collection of duffle bags for women. Shop for premium handbags online from MFPA at the best prices. This collection of handbags for women is extremely beautiful and the designs are painted with precision and care by special artists, who are unable to use their hands hence use their mouth or feet for painting. Every detail has been given importance and a tremendous amount of thought and love has been put in by the artists to make each of these ladies’ duffle bags special in itself.

Duffle handbags for Women

Duffle bags are considered to be boring and monotonous by many. But after going through MFPA’s collection of duffle bags, one might drastically change their opinion. These accessories are highly underappreciated for some may perceive them to be manly. This is highly untrue since duffle bags have been endorsed by several celebrities like the Kardashians. It is extremely difficult to find bags which satisfy both utility and stylish looks. MFPA’s women’s duffle bags provide justice to both for they are multipurpose and winsome at the same time. These bags can be utilised by women for almost any occasion. If one is running late for gym or yoga class, they can just toss a towel and a pair of change into the bag and leave, without worrying about the inability of items fitting into the bag, since these bags are spacious. The material is durable and the bags are provided with a detachable string which adds to the multipurpose function of the duffle bags. Therefore, they are highly fashionable accessories which take every outfit for a fun spin.

Types available and styling tips

Whether it is a spontaneous road trip or a career defining business trip, MFPA’s duffel bags for women make sure you will make a fashionable entrance. Don’t be too shocked if you see all heads turning your way or stolen glances being passed towards your stylish duffle bag.

Despite all the utility and lovely designs, duffle bags are particularly tricky to design. One wrong piece of clothing or accessory can ruin the entire look. It is a classic case of ‘make or break’. Therefore, a bit of styling advice and guidance is always helpful since it prevents one from fraying from the right path. Here are a few choices that will prevent you from getting misled:

  • one can never go wrong with a simple black waistcoat or any other solid coloured coat styled with MFPA’s City Sunset ladies’ duffle bag. This will make you ready for a stylish entry to your workplace.
  • Cardigans are a timeless piece of garment. A white, green or red cardigan along with an elegant pendant is perfect for the holiday season. But since every outfit requires a ‘wow factor’, MFPA’s Man and Nature duffle bag just harmoniously strings the entire outfit together, setting the beautiful holiday season to a perfect start.
  • Whether one is going to the gym or the weather is chilly, jackets are always in fashion and make every outfit look chic. Duffle bags and jackets are like two peas in a pod. Create an image of yourself walking into the gym wearing the Bright Sky in The City duffle bag. You will give out a young and fit look, which will be radiant.
    In case of a classic winter evening, a pair of beautiful pumps, jacket and the Abstract trees women’s duffle bag will never be a wrong choice.
  • The quickest outfit to throw together is a furry coat, any regular wear shoes and an Abstract Episode duffle bag. This outfit is pocket friendly but stylish.
  • If one wants to spend a relaxed evening with friends and take a break from work stress, a varsity jacket, jeans, pumps and Bright Sky in the City is the ideal outfit. The design on it soothes the mind.
  • Confused about what to wear for an elegant dinner party? The answer is simple. A flowy t-shirt paired with jeans, stilettos and MFPA’s Man and Nature duffle bag will be perfect for a night out.
  • A few other tips are to style these marvellous ladies’ bags with shorts, sport shoes and other athletic wear or for instance, even palazzos work out with duffel bags.
    Therefore, duffle bags are highly versatile.
    For more styling options one can refer to https://lookastic.com/women/duffle-bag/looks

Designs of Duffle Handbags

MFPA presents a collection of five duffle bags, each one more unique than the next.

The City Sunset duffle bag gives out a vintage feeling, which is such a peaceful yet exciting feeling. The colour palette chosen by the artist adds life to a monotonous duffle bag. It is almost unbelievable how a non-living thing could look so realistic. This makes this ladies’ duffle bag fit for any occasion, from sophisticated dinner parties to casual brunches.

The Abstract trees bag is the perfect bag to set a fashionable spin to any and every outfit. Abstract art is a vague representation of art, ironically, giving a distinct look to anything it is applied on. Similarly, this pre possessing form of art builds on to the glamour of these women’s duffle bags.

An Abstract Episode is one more ladies’ duffle bag crafted with abstract art. The trees painted are a quintessential representation of the lovely season of autumn. Imagine the crisp reddish brown and orange leaves falling on the ground and you are walking through the streets in a pair of boots and a pretty winter coat with MFPA’s Abstract Episode duffle bag. The imagery is beautiful, isn’t it? This ladies’ duffle bag brings out the true essence of this season.

The Bright sky in the City duffle bag is a youthful design since it imbibes a fresh and ever lasting look. The painting on the duffle bag travels back to the early 2000s. What makes this bag special is the fact that the artist has accurately observed and captured the conventional lives of people. It complies with both professional as well as casual themes. Hence, it can be used as an accessory for business meetings as well as easy going lunch with friends.

The Man and Nature ladies’ bag is a minimalist yet moving design. It is proof of the fact that there is beauty in simplicity. This women’s duffel bag is dissimilar to the other duffle bags. What makes it out of the ordinary and off centre is the plain colour palette choice of the artist. Unlike the other duffle bags it does not consist of bright colours, yet it manages to deliver a soothing effect.

In totality, these designs sum up to form a potpourri of the mesmerising women’s duffel bags.

About the Artists who created them

MFPA is an organisation that helps disabled artists who paint by holding the brush between their toes or clenched between their teeth, generate a livelihood for themselves and live a dignified life. Work and financial security is crucial for everyone to live a blissful life and provide for their basic necessities. Therefore, these artists are working hard to live a self-reliant life. This complies with MFPA’s worldwide motto – ‘self-help, not charity’ for the founder, Stegmann, abhorred the word charity since it correlated to pity, which certainly does not apply for these brave souls.

Best of both quality and looks

MFPA’s ladies’ handbags are authentic and one of its kind. Firstly, these duffle bags are spacious and from clothes to hair brushes and make up kits, anything can be stored without the goods being damaged. Storage is one of the key elements of a bag which is being fulfilled by MFPA’s collection. Secondly, the bags are provided with a 44 inch long string which is detachable. This enables the user to transform this bag into a shoulder bag, as per their convenience. Most importantly, these bags have been crafted with vegan leather. Vegan leather is artificial leather, which is a material made from sustainable materials like reused plastic, pineapple leaves, apple peels, other fruit and vegetable wastes, etc. This material is animal-friendly. Therefore, it does not hurt the sentiments of environmentalists, nature lovers and most significantly it does not disrupt the ecological balance of mother nature. Due to this material, the skin of the bag remains intact for years. Hence, MFPA’s ladies duffle bags are a perfect blend of style, utility and ecological responsibility.

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